Friday, February 13, 2015

Recommended read: Ryker's Aquamate by Cree Storm

MYSTIC 1: RykerTitle: Ryker’s Aquamate
Series: Mystic, 1
Author: Cree Storm
Publisher: Siren Book Strand
Genre: MM, Paranormal, futuristic
Word Count: 42,629
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
A meteor attack has changed the world as we know it. Most of the people that survived now have special powers. However, as with all people, some are good and some are evil. There is a group of men that were brought together by the World Council called MYSTIC, a group of men with multiple powers. They are only brought in on to deal with Nefariouses. These are men with powers used for their own evil, twisted purpose.
Ryker Spalding is a MYSTIC agent. He is six feet three inches and can control metal, speak any language, and decode any message while levitating in the air. Quinn Sanders can breathe underwater while he talks to underwater mammals. He lead a quiet life until the day a sadistic serial killer set his sights on him. Now he can only hope that his new found mate, Ryker, can keep him safe without one or both of them getting killed.

Cree Storm has the start of a great series with Ryker’s Aquamate.  I liked this one for many reasons. One it appeals to my inner comic book geek.  There are some references that if you are like me you will go ohh yeah!! I remember that..  But don’t worry if you aren’t a comic fan.  Ms. Storm does a great job of making this story relatable to everyone. 
Second reason I really love this one is the originality. I like to see ideas we think we know twisted and put on their heads so to speak.
Ryker is a very strong character he knows when he rescues Quinn, that Quinn is someone special not just because of the powers he possesses.  Ryker’s protective loving attitude really made me fall for him.
Quinn so many reason to love Quinn, I am trying really hard to give no spoilers when I talk about him here. Okay he is strong but I like how his strength ties into his powers.  He really personifies what his powers are which I liked. I think that is hard to do so I really applaud Ms Storm for doing that so well.  When you meet Quinn you will not forget him. Not just because of his powers either.
Over all.   I really think that you need to read this new series by Ms Storm why? Because it’s filled with action, adventure, love and some of the best super heroes around.  The bad guy even is so cool you will be invested in him too.   I hope that Quade gets a story next. I think he really needs one.  Either way I am waiting ever so patiently for the next book in this series. I wanna know what happens next.

                         Five Shooting Stars and a Star Dust Award