Thursday, February 19, 2015

Recommended read: It was always you by Aliyah Burke

Title: It Was Always You
Series: ALPHAS, 3
Author:  Aliyah Burke
Publisher:  All Romance Ebooks
Genre: MF, Interracial, Military, Contemporary
Word Count: 23,075
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
When it’s right, it’s right…

Zane Kendrick returns home after being in the Army for twenty-two years empty and unsure what his future holds for him. Then he runs into Zoe Duncan working in her father’s shop. When Zane sees Zoe again he realizes she’s no longer the little girl who followed her brothers and his around. This Zoe is all woman.

Zoe Duncan has loved Zane forever. For years he’s been the object of all her fantasies. So when the opportunity arrives for her to be with him for real, she can’t refuse. But the one-night stand doesn’t change anything. When all is said and done, Zane is still off limits, and Zoe’s not about to risk the relationship between their families just to satisfy her own desires.

Fortunately for her, Zane isn’t the kind of man to easily let go of what he wants, and what he wants is Zoe. When trouble arrives at her door he’s there, promising to be the kind of steadfast hero Zoe can count on. Will that be enough to convince Zoe to let him in and give their relationship a shot?

It  Was Always You by Aliyah Burke is an emotionally gripping story of friendship and love, I couldn’t stop reading this story. Ms Burke is an amazing writer who weaves stories and characters I adore and want much more of.
Zane is the perfect alpha hero.  He is been to war in the military. He is the middle child of a ranching family.  He knows how to be noticed and is not scared of any fight.  I liked his kindness, warmth and loving spirit.  He has nightmares of the war.  I just wanted to hold him all night long, but that is Zoe’s honor.
Zoe feisty, sweet, works on cars for a living. Part tomboy part woman she is a contrast of sweet and womanly that keeps Zane coming back for more. She has always wanted Zane.  Now Zane wants her too.
Zoe is scared at first by Zane, he is big imposing, and quiet.  I can imagine that was quite the contrast form the boy she grew up with.  But she soon finds that boy again under all the pain and heartache the war left Zane with.
I cannot think of two characters who deserve a happy ending more than Zane and Zoe.   This story tugs at the heart strings and makes me believe true love really is possible if you are willing to fight for it.

                              Five Shooting Stars and Star Dust Award

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