Saturday, February 7, 2015

Recommended Read Caressed by Starlight: Meeting Croe by Danica Avet

 Title: Caressed by Starlight: Meeting Croe
Author Danica Avet
Publisher: Smashwords
Genre: M/F, futuristic, scifi, erotic romance
Word Count: 48,700
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Imperial Princess En'Daria Hanu has the entire galaxy at her feet. Heir to the Endiki throne, she spent her entire life preparing to rule, but her future is forever altered when she's kidnapped. Sold to an auction house, she escapes on her own but soon realizes she'll need help to return home. Daria's only hope is the Skarskordian fighter Croe'ix Shael, who makes her feel more like a female and less like a royal.

Banished from his home world and denied the heritage of his blood, Croe has fought all his life but never really had anything worth fighting for. Then Daria walks into his life and a shift occurs inside him. She awakens the Skarskordian warrior he's long forgotten and, in exchange for the pleasure of her body, he will protect her with his life. When danger stalks their every step and he discovers who Daria really is, Croe knows he's found someone to fight for and he'll do everything in his power to keep her safe. Everything--even if it means bringing another male into the equation.

Caressed by Starlight: Croe by Danica Avet  wow where to start.  First off loved does not even come close to how I feel about this book.  Adored, loved, wanted more, and kicking myself for never reading this author before now.  Ms Avet brings a connection you feel as you read the book.  I felt so invested in her characters I still want more!  Guess I should tell you about the characters hum? Okay here is the run down.
Daria-  she is a princess for real. She is the princess of Endiku next in line to rule. She is not your typical fairy tale princess. She can fight; she hates formal balls and all the fuss. She would prefer a quiet evening at home or in her father’s solarium where she can be herself. 
Endiku is a warrior class planet.  They produce some of the best warriors in the galaxy. So yes Daria is beautiful but she is pretty badass too.
She gets kidnapped at night in her sleep. The people are suppose to killer her but they end up selling her off instead, hey more money for them and a chance at life for Daria.
Daria using her badass skills escapes her captors.  But now she is on a strange world and needs some protection.  She sees some cage fighting and knows who she wants to defend her.
Croe is a fighter.  He also bears the marking of Skarskordian.  Dara knows those people are warriors and honorable so she wants Croe to defend her. Croe turns out to be a rouge who has his own sense of honor. I liked his I don’t care what you think I am me attitude.  He is very alpha male.  Not to mention smoking hot… holy singe my fingers hot.
Their chemistry is off the charts. There is a certain cyborg in this book I won’t tell you about cause you need to read to really get to know him.  He has got to have his own story….Yes I will be looking for him. I think Daria blew a few of his circuits and I would like for her to blow a few more of them.
When you want a story that is unforgettable, told beautifully, and makes you want more. This is the one to pick up.  Ms. Avet needs to write faster so I know what happens next.

                                 Five Shooting Stars !

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