Sunday, February 22, 2015

Paisley by Celia Kyle

Series:Alpha Marked, 6
Author:Celia Kyle
Publisher:Summerhouse Publishing
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/F, M/F/M
Word Count:40,000
Reviewer Name: Luna

Publisher Blurb

Thirty and single? Well, getcha butt to the Gathering! Wait… what?
Paisley Twynham is over the whole werewolf thing. It’d been a shock to be magically kidnapped and plopped in the middle of a werewolf gathering. Then she got kidnapped a second time, had the crap beat out of her, escaped, and then met two men who are supposed to be her mates. Yup, all kinds of “over” the Gathering. Her only salvations are her sisters and… the two men she can’t help but drool over. Tall, muscular, sexy as hell, and for some reason, they want her fluffy ass. Maybe she doesn’t hate werewolves as much as she thought…
Chance and Hawkins don’t quite have a solid Warden bond. Hawkins is holding back while Chance is slowly reaching the end of his patience after ten years of partnership. The only woman who might save them is Paisley. Seductive, curvaceous, vivacious Paisley Twynham. She’s their Warden Born mate and Chance refuses to let Hawkins’ past stand in the way of their future.
But something else hides in their path that threatens to end their mating before it begins. Or rather, someone.

Paisley by Celia Kyle is the sixth story in the Alpha Marked series.  This story is best read in chronological order.  Paisley has been kidnapped and introduced to the world of “other” in such a way that she is ready to click her heels and return home, but alas there is no going back for her.  She just needs to preserver and Chance and Hawkins are her life lines.  I loved that Paisley just needed a moment to catch her breath and then she was ready to kick butt and take names.  She finds comfort in Hawkins and Chance’s presence and she is holding on to them for all she is worth.  She will fight the devil himself for them and she makes it clear to her family both new and old.  I loved that she was strong enough to keep it real even as one of her mates fought to keep his distance. 
I loved both Hawkins and Chance.  Chance for all that he was lighthearted he was strong enough to know when to let go.  He has had a weak connection to Hawkins but when Hawkins’ fear threatened their future, he knows he could no longer allow Hawkins time to accept his loss.  And poor Hawkins, he has had an important connection severed not only by death but by deed.  He is so afraid of allowing others into his heart.  Chance has been willing to accept the lukewarm connection but Paisley changes that and Hawkins isn’t ready. 
I loved that Ms. Kyle made their issues clear.  I loved that she then found a way to make the connection both new and old a source of renewed strength for Chance, Hawkins and Paisley.  I really enjoyed this story and seeing how the characters grew into trust.  This story was a wonderful addition to this series and I am looking forward to reading more from Ms. Kyle.

                              Four Twinkling Stars

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