Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lucian's Soul by Hazel Gower

Title: Lucian’s Soul
Series: ALPHAS, 12
Author: Hazel Gower
Publisher: All Romance Ebooks
Genre; M/f, Fantasy, contemporary
Word Count 27,501
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Since the beginning of time, humanity has made one fatal mistake... Angels and demons are not who humans think they are.

For millennia it has been up to the king of the demons, Lucian, to save humans and shifters from the horrors the angels inflict upon the world and the innocents living within it.

He’s grown weary of the war and his passion for saving his charges has faded. But there is hope. It is said when the angels are close to achieving their goal, and Lucifer himself barely cares anymore, the tides will turn and love will cure all. Lucifer will find his one. His soul mate. A mate who will love him unconditionally, lending him strength and power more deadly than anyone could imagine. And now...that time has come.

Lucian’s Soul by Hazel Gower has angel and demons fighting for the souls men and shifters alike.  Who will dominate?  And are they what you think they are? Angel and demons the idea of them being reversed in rolls and spun into a tale where the demons are the good guys really intrigued me.  However I had a few problems with this story. There are a lot of information dumps in this story.  They were needed, but I wish they could have been woven into the story so they didn’t feel like “here is the info you need” moments. 
The character of Lucian is a true alpha. He is the king of demons, he needs a mate to ground his soul. Because as of late he is growing restless and tired of the fight to protect everyone from the Angels who want them dead.  He gets his mate. A human named  Tess.
Tess is a vibrant character with a brave heart. I really liked her she is a good match for a cranky demon.  She can hold her own which  in this story is really important.
Over all I think this is a great little read, and a wonderful twist on what we think we know about angels and demons and the fight for mankind’s souls.

                                     Four twinkling Stars

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