Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Intimate Details by Tina Donahue

Intimate Details (MFM)Title:Intimate Details

Author: Tina Donahue

Publisher:    Siren-Bookstrand Publishing

Genre:    Contemporary, Ménage, Suspense
 (M/F/M, oral sex, anal play/sex, ménage, light BDSM/kink play)

Page Count: 198

Reviewer: Cassiopeia

Publisher Blurb:

Shana Gallagher’s been hacking one of Manhattan’s most corrupt executives, transferring millions from his accounts to those of his victims, making him pay for what he’s done to them. Using her skills, she convinces Mike Russo and Cody Latham to hire her at their intelligence-gathering firm, where intimate details help their clients.
Never has Mike met a woman as delicious as Shana. Smart as hell, curvy, and assured, she’d be a delightful challenge in bed. Cody’s carnal hunger is equally intense. He and Mike want to know everything about her.
She won’t divulge the secrets of her past. All she can offer is unquenchable desire and her heart.
During weeks of shameless lust and pleasure, Mike and Cody peel away the layers of Shana’s life. The stunning truth changes everything. They’ll do all that they can to keep her safe…and in their arms.

Review of book:

I was pleasantly surprised by Intimate Details. Not by it being a good book; I've heard wonderful things about Tina Donahue’s work, so I'd expected to see a well crafted piece. What took me by surprise,was simply because I was foolish enough to make the mistake of assuming I knew what I was getting into. 

I was dead wrong.

What I didn't see coming, was a plot riddled with past hurts and future hopes that demanded my full attention.  On the surface, I saw two sexy, rich men and a beautiful woman with a wealth of untold secrets playing chicken to see who would blink first. As I read on though, I was struck by the depth of their conviction to do the right thing when it was anything but an easy road. Often at the risk of their own safety.  I saw Shana as a bit of a modern day Robin Hood, with her penchant for working to right the wrongs others like her had suffered.  And let me tell you, that was one crafty and smart female.  I was in awe of her skills and how she chose to employ them. 

Mike and Cody had me hooked from the get go.  Their utter fascination with Shana was hella sexy, and further added to my enjoyment. Watching them woo her on so many levels – physically, mentally, emotionally –was such a departure from what I've seen in many books with ménage relationships.  Often, the plot takes a back seat to the bed play, and the book suffers. Intimate Details has an insightful, riveting plot that will pack a punch while setting your undies on fire.Sure, there was a hellacious amount of bone shattering, sheet burning, make you speechless sex, but it was never gratuitous.  Every moan, thrust, and passionate kiss had a part in advancing the story, allowing Mike, Cody, and Shana to grow.

I thoroughly enjoyed My first foray into Tina Donahue’s writing.  So much so, that I'll be eagerly exploring her backlist for more of her emotional plots and well crafted characters.

                                                           Five Shooting Stars

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