Friday, February 13, 2015

Desire Disguised by Lynn Rae

Title: Desire Disguised
Series: Love Under a New Star, 2
Author: Lynn Rae
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Futuristic/ Sci Fi, Mf
Word Count: 68,000
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Cara Belasco’s secrets have chased her across the galaxy, but when her ship crashes on an isolated planet, she discovers a man who could become her perfect refuge … if she’ll let him. Action, adventure, and sizzling romance will keep you turning the pages of Desire Disguised, Book 2 of Lynn Rae’s exciting sci-fi series, Love Under a New Star.
Cara Belasco has been on the run from assassins since childhood. Living in the shadows with her younger brother and one elderly guardian, her luck nearly runs out when the smuggler’s ship carrying them crashes into a soggy jungle planet.

Ben Zashi, the stalwart head of security who rescued her from the wreckage, is very curious about her cover story, and Cara has to fend off his inquires as well as her escalating attraction for him. Will the secrets she’s been hiding come between them, or can Cara allow herself to find passion with the one man who longs to protect her?

Desire Disguised is the second book in the Love under a New Star series by author Lynn Rae.  I will say this is my first time reading this series and I was not lost.
Bendix or Ben as everyone calls him.  He is responsible for the safety and security of all the residents of Pearl.   He takes that seriously.  He is very good at his job. Fits his alpha personality to a T.
Carline or Cara as she is called, she and her younger brother Matt are on the run. They have crashed landed in Ben’s little corner of the galaxy.  Her and her brother have been hiding for years and they know the score.  They trust no one. But Cara is thinking maybe Ben is worth their trust.
I like the pace of this book nothing is rushed I liked that. Cara needs time to trust and know Ben is on her side so rushing her story would have been bad. But Ms. Rae does a great job of balancing sensuality and action.  She gets the emotions of the characters and makes me want them to have the happy ending.  
I would like to go back and read book one now, why because this one is so well done I would like to read more. So I hope this series has a long life to it cause it really is that engaging.   Some things are overly drawn out but for the most part this is a must read story for any lover of true romance.

                            Five Shooting Stars

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