Sunday, February 1, 2015

Corey by Toni Griffin

Series:The Atherton Pack, 3
Author:Toni Griffin
Publisher:Mischief Corner Books
Genre and Pairing:  Paranormal and M/M
PageCount:119 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Corey Jones has always maintained he didn't want a mate. After falling for his college professor and having his heart broken, he vowed to never go there again. Now, his decision to remain single is put to the test when he meets his Alpha's new personal assistant, Ethan Davies, and discovers the man is his mate.

After growing up in the foster care system all Ethan ever wanted was a home and someone to love him. He's overjoyed that his recent move has brought him to his mate. Ethan's happiness soon turns to devastation when Corey walks away from him and their bond.

Ethan is forced to walk a fine line between respecting his mate's wishes and refusing to give up on the one thing he's wanted his entire life. With Ethan's determination, an interfering bother, and pack members too interested in his personal life, Corey may not stand a chance.

Please Note: Corey has been re-edited, and expanded, by ~13 K.

I enjoyed Corey by Toni Griffin.  This is the third story in The Atherton Pack series.  It can be read as a stand alone.  I will say that I have read both the original and the re-edited version and the additional word count did add to this story in a good way.  It did not change the overall story but it did give us some insight into both Corey and Ethan. 
And what we learned helped clarify while Corey was so determined not to have a mate.  I could appreciate his fear and understood why it was so hard for him to accept what having a mate would mean.  But I also appreciated Ethan’s determination.  At times I thought, “has he gone too far?” but then Ms. Griffin would show just how his actions chipped away at Corey’s shields and it felt okay.  I also enjoyed the comradery between the inner circle.  They wanted the best for each other and if that meant pushing you out of your comfort zone then so be it.  I found myself chuckling over their antics even as I appreciated their loyalty. 
This story was a nice quick read.  It was well written and the characters were well developed.  I am looking forward to seeing what happens next at the members of this pack find their happily ever after.

                   Four Twinkling Stars 

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