Wednesday, February 4, 2015

And Manny Makes Seven by Sean Michael

Title:  And Manny Makes Seven
Series: A Mannies Inc.  Novel
Author: Sean Michael
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Pages:  205
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
When Adam's parents died three years ago, he kept his five younger siblings together, playing parent as best a twenty-one year old could under the circumstances. Now his academic mentor Helena has passed away from cancer, and Adam doesn't know what to do. He's shocked, but grateful when a reading of the will determines that he's not only inherited her beloved shi tzus , but also the house, a generous trust for everyone's education, plus three million dollars, some of it earmarked for hiring a nanny.

Hutch has worked as a nanny since he was nineteen, when he took over the care of his neighbor’s children when both parents were killed in separate missions overseas. He's worked with several families since and feels confident he can handle five children aged four through seventeen.

Hutch's arrival is just what Adam needs and as Hutch begins to turn the big house from Helena's place into their home, Adam and his siblings begin to see Hutch as more than just the nanny.

Can a path of tragedy and sorrow turn the corner to happiness and love?

And Manny Makes Seven by Sean Michael is a sweet story.  I love this for many reasons. One is I like seeing a different side to Sean Michael’s writing. I love when an author does something very unexpected and shows the range of writing they have.   This is a super sweet family romance.  Adam is a college student. He is the guardian of his brothers and sisters.  All and all there are five of them and one Adam….so you know who has been winning.   Adam needs help. Enter in Manny Inc.  and Hutch.  Hutch is very used to being the one to come in and take over so parents can get on with their lives.  Adam wants help but he doesn’t pawn the kids off to Hutch.  He just needs a break so he can do simple things like sleep and eat.    I loved the personalities of each of the kids.  Very true to how kids are.  I liked that. I also liked how a friendship with Hutch and Adam turns into love.
This story is sweet and made me smile. I think Hutch needed Adam to give him something he never had before, a family of his own and love, and Adam needs Hutch too.  Together these two are an unstoppable team.  I hope to read many more stories like this bring on the Mannies and those they love.

                       Five Shooting Stars

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