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Absentminded Angel by Heather Rainier - Recommended Read!

Absentminded Angel (MFM)Title:Absentminded Angel
Series:Divine Creek Ranch, 20
Author:Heather Rainier
Publisher:Siren Publishing
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/F, M/F/M
Word Count:88,742
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, HEA
Everyone deserves a second chance, even spoiled little rich girls. Accepting that she’s on her own, Presley Ann Woodworth is working hard to make a home for her and her baby, no matter what others—including interfering family members—say about her. When Kendry and Jared reveal their attraction, she thinks they’re nuts.
Kendry and Jared McCulloch have been captivated by their absentminded angel since the night they met her. Her son ensnares their hearts as well and they can’t understand why she’s so hard on herself because of her past. When the baby’s father shows up out of the blue, they put their hearts on the line to prove to her that they’re the men for her…and her son.
Letting her guard down with the men who want to claim her isn’t her only challenge, as she struggles with Mother Nature’s wrath, bad plumbing, nosy varmints, and the joys of colic. How much bad luck can one girl handle?

I loved, loved, loved Absentminded Angel by Heather Rainier.  It has become my new favorite story in Ms. Rainier’s Divine Creek Ranch series.  While you can understand what is going on if this is your first time reading this series, it is best to read this story in chronological order.  If for no other reason other than to understand just what a holy terror Presley Ann was.
Talk about a complete turnaround.  Presley Ann was nasty.  She was mean spirited, selfish and self-involved.  That is until she got in the family way.  When she had someone who would depend upon her, she made changes.  Changes that required her to repent her ways.  It was like twelve steps for mean girls and she stuck with it.  She made friends, good friends.  I loved that Ms. Rainier allowed Presley Ann a second chance.  It didn’t happen all in this book, it was a culmination but it was visible, heartfelt and sincere so we were ready to forgive and forget by the time Presley Ann found men of her own.
And speaking of her men, I adored Kendry and Jared.  As they were recent transplants to Divine they could only judge Presley Ann by the woman she is not who she was.  They allowed Presley to see that she deserved happiness in spite of her past nastiness.  I loved that they believed in her and allowed her the independence to see that relying on someone did not make her weak.  Their willingness to support and uplift was wonderful to see.  It wasn’t all smooth sailing either.  With the return of Whit’s father, both men felt a bit insecure.  They knew that Presley Ann felt guilt and a spark for Whit’s father and that left them unsure.  They had to trust in what they had built with Presley Ann.  I thought Ms. Rainier did a wonderful job of laying out their hopes, desires and concerns.  It wasn’t one-sided in the least and I enjoyed the conflict.  This story was a wonderful addition to this series and I think the best yet.

                     Five Shooting Stars and A Star Dust Award!

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