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A Chaotic Range by Andrew Grey

Title: A Chaotic Range

Series Title: Stories From The Range, Book 7

Author: Andrew Grey

Publisher:Dreamspinner Press

Genre: Contemporary, GLBT

(M/M, Oral sex, Anal play/sex, Adult language)

Page Count: 200 pages

Reviewer: Cassiopeia

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Publisher Blurb:

Most of the time ranch hand David rescues stray cattle, but this time he and his fellow cowboys Wally and Haven save a stranded motorist. David is surprised to find his former high school classmate nearly frozen in his car. After learning that Brian Applewright's boss fired him from his ranch for being gay, they invite him back to theirs to take a job.
David and Brian moved in different social circles at school, but working together brings them closer. However, David has a rocky history on the ranch. The foreman is his ex, and he only recently returned after a heartbreakingly unsuccessful attempt to find greener pastures. He can't risk his heart getting close to anyone.

But on a ranch, nature has a way of forcing an issue. When a snowstorm threatens, David and Brian head out to mend a fence and round up some stray cattle. David gets injured, and they must survive in the snow, cold, and wind. It might be the start of a relationship... or the end of their lives.

Review of book:

There is a reason why Andrew Grey is one of my favorite authors, and I'll tell you why. He's the master of writing character driven pieces that take you by the collar and demand that you care. I've read several of his books, from a variety of series, and I can honestly admit that I keep coming back for the fascinating and engaging characters he writes. The icing on the cake? His plots rock like nobody’s business. Seriously. A Chaotic Range, the seventh installment in the Stories From The Range series is no exception. Before I get into specifics, allow me to mention that I have not read the other books in the series, and I was able to follow along just fine. However, I suspect that I'm missing the full depth of the SFTR world, so I'll be working through the backlist to catch up.

Brian is more than down on his luck - he's literally on his way to freezing to death after being fired from his last position. Luckily when he's rescued, it's by guys who own a ranch where they don't care if you like “broncos instead of phillies”, as long as you work hard and can do the job. He also sees David, the jock he'd crushed on in high school, looking a lot less shiny than Jed remembered.

Brian quickly squashes any trip down memory lane, because he's sworn off of men, deciding that he's done with being used. David, on the other hand, is still on the outside looking in with his ranch family, having left a lover (and the ranch) behind to chase a guy that in the end broke his heart. Watching the two men reconnect and build a relationship was painful at times, simply because Brian didn't come clean about his former employers up front. I felt that he was his own worst enemy at times. Sure he'd been through something awful – no one likes having their integrity questioned –but he seemed convinced that people would automatically believe the worst in him. I felt like I was right there with Brian, watching him as he worked through his fears and insecurities. His personal struggle showed such an incredible inner strength that I think even he was surprised by.

A Chaotic Range by Andrew Grey is an emotionally charged piece that will put you through the ringer, but make you glad that you were along for the ride.

Five Shooting Stars

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