Saturday, January 3, 2015

Zooey Pinkerton by Heather Mcalendin

Title:  Zooey Pinkerton
Series: A Daughter’s Right
Author: Heather McAlendin
Publisher: Evolutionary Publishing
Genre: YA, Adventure
Romance Pairing: non romance
Word Count: 17,580
Reviewer: Vela

Publisher’s Blurb:
Zooey Pinkerton is the only daughter of a wealthy cattle and horse rancher. A tomboy at heart, Zooey can ride and shoot with the best of their ranch hands. The Palominos they raise, are some of the most sought after horses around. While Andrew Pinkerton worked hard, he had a penitent for playing harder and loved to drink and gamble. At times his excessive gambling caused him to lose large amounts of money. Money that he would borrow from the loan sharks in town…but he always managed to pay back. That is, until he puts the ranch up as collateral and the outlaws decide they want it instead of the money.

This book Zooey Pinkerton: A Daughter’s Right by Heather McAlendin taught you what the law does to western outlaws. When a young girl named Zooey Pinkerton witnesses her own father’s death and her only home being taken from her, she wants nothing more than revenge.  With the outlaws still on the loose she races to town that very night, escaping the outlaw’s grasp, to meet up with the sherrif to tell him what happened. But little does she know there are many eyes and ears in town and rumors begin to spread….
I enjoyed reading this book because the plot had a fast pace to it and the characters were memorable. The author used powerful descriptive words to capture the character’s emotions and I would recommend this book to all readers who’re ready to leap into a Western adventure. Yeehaw! 

                                         Five Shooting Stars

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