Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Warrior's Man by Brenna Lyons

Title: The Warrior’s Man
Author: Brenna Lyons
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre:  fantasy, MM
Pages: 83
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Stevie has had a rough life. Kicked out of his home with his twin sister in tow—he gay and she pregnant—when they were only seventeen, he’s had to struggle for the last six years to keep his head above water. He’s dealt with homophobes, with cheating exes, and with an unkind world, but he’s carved out a little place for himself in it, all the same. Now he has one more struggle…facing the fact that vampires exist, as do the Warriors who hunt them.
Terry has been attracted to men as long as he’s been attracted to women, but he never followed through. Warriors of Armen tend to fall fast and hard for women they save, so why waste time on a man, when there’s a woman somewhere in the world for you? He falls fast and hard, but it’s not a woman he saves that catches his attention and stokes his need to print. It’s Stevie. A Warrior has never printed on another man before. Will the rules of sanction stretch far enough to allow him to claim what he really wants?

 The Warrior’s Man by Brenna Lyons has some really good qualities to it. I liked the emotional connections and imagination that Ms. Lyons brought to this story.  I was not so keen on having a glossary to remember at the start of the book.  When reading in eBook form I had to scroll back a lot to remember things.  Not really fun reading for me.  But overlooking that part the story itself is really good.
Terry is a sweet protective man. The first thing he does when he meets Stevie is clean his wounds and use his magic to protect him. He doesn’t even think twice about doing it.
Stevie appears very young when we meet him also a little lost. But he has a strength you can see too.  I liked his witt and charm.
The chemistry between these two gets them in trouble from the get go. But is Terry really gay or is he just using Stevie for a one off?  I liked how this story pace and the way it unfolds. It is completely believable.
When you want a fantasy story with a twist I think you would love this one very much.  I know I did.

                            Four Twinkling Stars

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