Friday, January 9, 2015

The Superstar by Patricia Logan

Title: The Superstar
Series:  The Bodyguards, 1
Author Patricia Logan
Publisher: Westburg Publishing
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Pages: 226
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Storm Ellison is the sexiest man on two legs. The gorgeous young star of “Trapped on an Island”, the hottest reality show on television, is instantly recognizable the moment he leaves his palatial mansion. Paparazzi follow him everywhere, leaving him no peace or privacy, selling his pictures to the tabloids, and cementing his reputation in the press as a slutty gay playboy. As Storm prepares to sign his first major movie deal, his manager decides he needs protection. What he doesn’t expect, is to be attracted to the cold bastard who’s now running his life.
Balthazar Grant, freelance bodyguard, is a huge, handsome, rough and ready former Marine, trained by the best, and willing to step between Storm and anyone stupid enough to come at him. Always stoic and serious, Taz lends a deadly presence to Storm’s entourage whenever he ventures out in public. Storm doesn’t want a bodyguard, much less one who won’t let him live his fast and loose lifestyle with impunity and he’s certainly not one to be dictated to by an overconfident Marine who has opinions about everything including who he should hook-up with.
When a deadly threat hits Storm’s world, he’s suddenly living his own reality show, only this one has an outcome which doesn’t involve being voted off an island. Will Storm wake up before it’s too late and will Taz be able to fight his attraction to the handsome young superstar while trying to convince him he’s in very real danger? The pair will soon learn that reality is stranger than fiction.

The Super Star by Patricia Logan has humor, sexy hot men and a storyline that kept me reading and wanting more.
Taz is ex military turned bodyguard.  I loved his pure alpha maleness. 
Storm is a sweet guy.  He is not into the fame and hype of Hollywood.  I liked that about him a lot. He is a real sweet person.
These two together are hot enough to set the sheet on fire. I do appreciate that Ms. Logan gave me something I never expected from her.  This is a brand new series and this start will keep me coming back for more.  I love to be surprised and Ms. Logan sure surprised me.  I liked seeing her range of writing too. I love it when I can see just what an author can really do with their talent.   I was a fangirl before now I am even more so. 
I hope to read many more  The Bodyguards stories I cannot wait to find out who we meet next!

                            Five Shooting Stars

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