Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Captive by Shannon West

Title: The Captive
Series:  The Keyholder, 3
Author: Shannon West
Publisher:  Dark Hollows Press
Genre: Contemporary, MM, BDSM
Pages: 27
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
A boring night on third shift becomes infinitely more interesting when Cody runs into Tony, a man he met at Jake’s BDSM club only a couple of weeks before. Jake had said the man was his cousin, but Cody learns Tony had actually been Jake’s sub for over three years. Already jealous over what he thought was Jake's interest in the man, Cody is devastated by the idea his handsome Dom may have lied to him. Or worse yet, that Jake could be cheating on him, seriously jeopardizing the trust so essential to a D/s relationship. Cody runs, driving aimlessly until he finds a motel where he can crash, lick his wounds and try to figure out what to do. Jake goes after him, using a tracking device on Cody’s phone and realizes he has only one chance to save the love between them. He has to make it good or risk losing his lover and his sub forever.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I wondered what would happen if two people who had been best friends discovered they were in love, but one of them was a Dom. What would that journey look like? Would they be able to make it as a couple? This series chronicles that journey, with both Cody and Jake having to find their way. I decided to serialize their story to show the slow progression of a complicated relationship. This relationship happens to be a D/s coupling, but I think any new love story has potential pitfalls and requires a lot of give and take


I love the Key Holder series by author Shannon West. These books should be read in order. But I didn’t and I found I wasn’t lost.  The Captive has Cody and Jake finding their footing in their relationship.
When Cody finds out Jake lied to him Cody runs.  But Jake will not give up that easily.  I will say I thought Cody’s running was a bit childish, when Jake finds him Cody learns he better not just run from his partner ever again.
The powerful connection these two have just pops off the pages. I really think they are learning to trust and love each other.  Cody might be bratty but Jake knows how to reign him in.
I cannot wait to see where these two go next. It is always a surprise that is filled with love and a connection that will never break. 
                        Five Shooting Stars

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