Sunday, January 4, 2015

Tangled & Bound by Emily Ryan-Davis

Title: Tangled &Bound
Series:  Blue Room VIPs. 3
Author: Emily Ryan-Davis
Publisher Emily Ryan-Davis
Genre: MF, BDSM
Pages: 66
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
The powerful, magnetic man seated beside Melanie Burke on a flight to Las Vegas could have walked straight out of one of Melanie's dog-eared romance novels. When he strikes up a conversation with her on the late-evening flight, fictional fantasies become knee-weakening, panty-soaking, feminine-core-clenching reality...a reality she wants to revisit again and again. 

But when jaded club owner Sam Fletcher informs Melanie that his plans don't include a long-term relationship with an impulsive young blonde for whom submission is more than likely a passing whim, Melanie throws herself into convincing him she is exactly the woman he wants, needs, and can't live without.

The third installment to the Blue Room VIP’s series is Tangled & Bound by Emily Ryan-Davis.  This is the story of Melanie and Sam.  When Melanie sees Sam on a plane she just knows he is the man for her. Well she really hopes, he gives off the I am in charge vibe, when he sees what she is reading on the plane and offers a taste of submission. She cannot help but take it.
When they land and reality hits can Sam let Melanie be the one for him? Or will he let his fears hold him back?
I liked these two characters they are both strong yet vulnerable in their own special ways.  I loved their chemistry whew I will never think of a plane ride the same ever again.   These two are really meant for each other.
Unlike the previous book in this series this one should be read in order.  I think you will love meeting David and Jovanna again and seeing where they are today.  I loved Tangled& Bound truly a book to remember. 

                                  Five Shooting Stars 

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