Saturday, January 31, 2015

Stacking the Deck by Selena Illyria

Title:Stacking the Deck
Series:Eoster’s Baskets, 6
Author:Selena Illyria
Publisher:Loose Id
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal & M/F
Word Count:30,557
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Bounty Hunter and Dragon Dean returns home hoping to spend some time with his office manager and new mate Carrie. What he gets is confusion. He’s confronted with communication and connection issues. He feels attacked and backed into a corner with no direction to go in. To find a place to start he turns to Sundae’s Adult Easter Baskets hoping that this will give him a handhold to grip as he tries to break through the walls both of them have erected due to their pasts.

Carrie has missed her mate but can’t take the lack of communication she feels when he’s on the job. For the longest time she’s been alone. Now that she has a mate she wants to feel that connection to another person. She doesn’t know why Dean holds himself back from her, both on the road and while at home. She needs him to be present and here, to open up to her. But if she pushes too hard she could lose him forever. Can Sundae's keep it's sexily ever after guarantee?

I enjoyed Stacking the Deck by Selena Illyria.  While this story is part of the Eoster’s Baskets series, it is a theme based series and does not need to be read in chronological order. 
I enjoyed Dean and Carrie.  Both characters were hiding something from their mate.  Neither character was comfortable with their mating even as they enjoyed the chemistry and sex.  I loved that Ms. Illyria showed that mating alone wasn’t enough to bring happiness.  I loved that Ms. Illyria showed that sometimes love isn’t enough.  It was obvious throughout this story just how much Dean and Carrie loved each other, but without communication they were at risk of losing it all.  Both were willing to do what they felt was necessary to save and protect what they had.  They knew something was missing even if they were afraid to touch on what it was.  Carrie felt it was all with Dean but Ms. Illyria showed that it is rarely one-sided.  I loved that Dean worked to get Carrie to talk even as he missed the point that he also needed to talk.  The sex was hot but it wasn’t enough.  Ms. Illyria showed us, as well as, Dean and Carrie that honesty and communication were also necessary for a fulfilling relationship.  The journey for Carrie and Dean felt real as did the emotions.  This story was well written and well thought out.  It made its points without being preachy.  The emotions were heartfelt and I quickly became invested in both characters.  I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more from this author.

                      Four Twinkling Stars 

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