Friday, January 2, 2015

Slave Eternal by Nasia Maksima

Title: Slave Eternal
Series:  In His Area, 1
Author: Nasia Maksima
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre:  Mm, Historical
Pages : 266
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
When novice gladiator Lucan is stolen from his patron house and enslaved by the wicked Stratos to be a pawn in a dark scheme, he finds himself fighting for his life in the cruel Spectacles of the arena. His only hope is to undertake training under Hektor Actaeon, the arena’s greatest champion.

From the moment he meets Hektor, Lucan’s life is changed. He expected to be trained. He expected to win glory in the arena. He never expected to fall in love. With every challenge, Lucan rises in power and glory, and what begins as a desperate bid for survival quickly spirals into a whirlwind of lust and love as he fights—both for his life and for an impossible future with Hektor.

But Hektor is harboring his own dark secret—one that could very well keep him from loving Lucan in return. Even worse, the menace of Stratos’s plan looms over them, sending them into the arena in a final battle to the death. Against each other.

Can Lucan and Hektor overcome Stratos's dark designs and the cruelties of the arena, or will their secrets drive them to ruin in the final battle against each other?

Slave Eternal is the first book in the In His Area series by author Nasia Maksima.  I liked this tale, placed in the areas of Rome. The raw feel to this book kept me turning the pages.  Hektor is an experienced gladiator.  He is good at his job which is to kill the other guy.  Lucan has always been more of a lover than a fighter.  But when he steals from the wrong people and gets caught he has to pay the price.  Hektor takes Lucan under his wing, and soon into his bed.  They develop really strong feelings for each other.  The brutality of their life mixed with the passion and heat they have together. The story is just as powerful as the love these two have. I would love much more in this series. I loved this author’s style of writing and world building.  I think anyone who loves a good historical romance will love this book. I know I found myself not wanting it to end.  I really highly recommend Slave Eternal

Five Shooting Stars 


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