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Saving Grace by Avery Gale

Title:Saving Grace
Series:  Masters of the Prairie Winds Club, 2
Author:Avery Gale
Publisher:JK Publishing
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/F, M/F/M
Word Count:51,930
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb

In book two of Masters of the Prairie Winds Club: When Gracie comes to Micah Drake’s attention he believes he has just met the woman he and his best friend Jax McDonald have been looking for—even though the curvy Latin bombshell is nothing like any other woman they have ever shared, he knows she is perfect for them.
Gracie is on the run and when her past catches up with her it takes the entire Prairie Winds Club security team, plus one very unlikely ally to keep her safe.

I enjoyed Saving Grace the second installment of the Masters of Prairie Winds Club by Avery Gale.  As this story continues where the first one left off, it is probably best to read in chronological order.  You would be able to understand if this is the first story you read but you will enjoy it much more having read Out of the Storm. 
Grace was a spitfire and a hoot.  I loved that she was loyal and protective of those she loved.  Ms. Gale did such a wonderful job developing this character, I felt I could reach out and not only touch her but become best buds with her as well.  Grace had secrets and her past came back to bite her in a major way.  I loved that just because of who she was, she had men ready, willing and able to protect her and her family.  I loved that Jax and Micah were able to build upon the trust they were earning to get Grace to accept their help.  I loved how patient they were and just how well they played off each other.  They were dominants but in different ways and Grace needed them both. 
I love alpha, protective men and Ms. Gale gave us plenty of them in this story.  But she balanced the neanderthal with a gooey center that the men tried their hardest to hide.  I thought this story was well written and full of both humor and action.  I loved that Grace was strong until she wasn’t but her men were there to have her back and tried really hard not take over.  They were supportive even as they used their skills to protect what was theirs.  I loved the respect they had for Grace.  Ms. Gale balanced their needs well with the strong female character they came to love.  This story was well written and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

                                Four Twinkling Stars 

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