Sunday, January 4, 2015

Naked & Unleashed by Emily Ryan-Davis

Title: Naked &Unleashed
Series: Blue Room VIPs, 2
Author: Emily Ryan-Davis
Publisher: Emily Ryan- Davis
Genre: MF, BDSM,
Pages:  35
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb

The line between business and pleasure was never a concern for Callista Voorhees until Mikal Steele stepped off her client list and into her most twisted fantasies. She knows she shouldn't draw him into her uncivilized need to surrender, but Mikal's thinly restrained violence wreaks havoc with her good sense.

Divided by responsibility and desire, Mikal can't deny the reality of Callista's draw. Everything she needs to give is everything he longs to take--but he isn't a man who can afford a personal indulgence of this magnitude. He's ready to turn his back on Callista--until she endangers herself in a bid to satisfy her own forbidden urges, and he realizes protecting her from herself is more important than preserving his good name. 


Naked& Unleashed by Emily Ryan-Davis is the second installment to the Blue Room VIPs series.  Callista is a full service  esthetician.  Mikal is one of her wealthy clients and very special to Callista.  Mikal is scared of the darker side of himself so much so he is not show it to Callista. Callista craves the darkness she knows is in Mikal  she just needs to make sure he knows it is okay to let that darkness loose on her.
I liked these two characters they are both strong but vulnerable.  Steaming hot sex scene when they let down their defenses.   These two were meant for each other.   There are some scenes in this book that are not for the faint of heart but I found them a great way to bring these characters even closer together.  Though part of a series this book could be read as a standalone title.   I am looking forward to the next book in this series. Cannot wait to see where Ms.  Ryan-Davis takes us next. 

                                         Five Shooting Stars

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