Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Healing a Cowboy's Heart by Sandy Sullivan

Title: Healing a Cowboy’s Heart
Series: Cowboy Dreaming, 2
Author: Sandy Sullivan
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Genre: MF, Contemporary
Pages: 175
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Jeffery Young is tired of women and their games. His son’s mother did enough damage to his heart to last a lifetime. Now, he had to deal with the architect helping the land developers tear up the local ranches for their houses. Not on his watch.
Terri Kennedy had her own plans. As the architect for a large land development in Bandera Texas, the deal would put her business on the map, but dealing with the stubborn, bullheaded male from the local ranch didn’t come with her job description. Maybe staying on their guest ranch would give her some clues as how to handle Mr. Stubborn Jackass.
Will the secrets she’s harboring keep him from getting close?
Can he learn to trust women again or should be play the game to find out what’s she’s up to?

Healing a Cowboy’s Heart by Sandy Sullivan is the second book in the Cowboy Dreaming series.
Jeffery Young, has a three year old son.  Jeffery is a cowboy who is not afraid of a little hard work.  His ex wife had only wanted his name and the prestige of being a rich rancher’s wife.  He really didn’t want to have feelings for a spunky surveyor.
Terri is architect for a large land development in Bandera Texas, the deal would put her business on the map but she doesn’t want to sacrifice the land and ecosystem to do it.  She is more than annoyed with Jeffery and his surly attitude.  She has spunk and sass and gives Jeffery just as much right back at him. I liked that about her. She is a modern woman who will not let a man cower her.
Terri goes to Jeff’s dude ranch to learn more about the area. She isn’t exactly truthful about who she is when she checks in.  When Jeff finds out she is there more than sparks will be flying.
Terri is what Jeff needs, a woman who is real and true unlike his ex.  She cares about him and his son.  She has a big heart and passion to match Jeff just needs to see her for who she really is, not who he thinks she is.
When these two finally get together they heat up the sheets. I really liked that Terri is a good soul, Jeff really needs her and she is more than the right woman for him.
I love how Ms. Sullivan gave me characters I truly love in this story.  I really could not put this one down. I am now ready to read the next one in this series I have to know which sexy brother falls in love next and with who..bring on the cowboys!

                                   Five Shooting Stars

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