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Forbidden Fire by Jan Irving

Title:Forbidden Fire
Series:Men of Station 57, 1
Author:Jan Irving
Publisher:Totally Bound
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/F
Word Count:30,000
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Sian Blaine grew up as firefighter Luke Cade’s caring older stepsister-it is forbidden to want his body covering hers-but when Luke takes her against the wall of the house they share, she can’t turn away from this persistent younger man.

Coffee shop owner Sian Blane is firefighter Luke Cade’s stepsister. He knows the shy older woman will never allow herself to see him as her lover, even after a sexy calendar is hung in the back room of her work place with Luke featured as Mr. February sporting nothing more than his surfboard.

Luke has always been forbidden to Sian, but one night when she comes home from another endless, empty date, he stakes his claim, making her his woman. Now Sian must deal with the consequences of giving in to the beautiful, persistent younger man she's always wanted.

Forbidden Fire by Jan Irving is first in the Men of Station 57 series.  I found myself really liking Luke.  He is in love with his “stepsister” and unsure how to get her to see him as someone other than her brother.  There is no blood relation between them but they essentially raised themselves together.  It doesn’t help that Sian is older than him.  I loved his determination.  And when that wasn’t enough I admired the fact that he tried to move himself out of a situation that was no longer healthy for him.  Even as Ms. Irving brought out a part of his nature that was less than flattering, I found myself unwilling to think poorly of him.  I struggled to like his friend, but that is for a different day, I understood that he was only trying to protect one of his few friends but I still struggled with him and his actions. 
I understood why Sian was so unwilling to let go with Luke.  She was so uncomfortable within her skin and she felt that only Luke saw the real her.  She was so afraid of losing what she had that she was unable to take the steps that had the possibility of giving her so much more.  Ms. Irving did a wonderful job of laying out her fears even as I wanted to knock some sense into her on numerous occasions.
I think Ms. Irving took something that had the possibility of being wrong and uncomfortable and made it beautiful.  Luke and Sian’s journey to be together was rough and unconventional.  But for all that it was wonderful to see the love they had for each other blossom into something meaningful and rewarding.  This was a well written and emotional story and I look forward to reading more from this author.

                               Four Twinkling Stars

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