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Fated Love by April Zyon

Title:Fated Love
Series:Massey, TX, 8
Author:April Zyon
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/F
Page Count:111 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Brandy Carver was living her dream of making clothing for real, every day women. When she gains the wrong kind of attention from a man that doesn’t have “no” in his vocabulary there’s only one action to take—returning home where she’s safest, and where she can finally breathe once more. 
Anthony “Crank” Romero, former Marine turned gentleman farmer, is willing to admit he’s a bit of a ladies man. The truth is he’s only looking for the right woman. Finding her when she’s got trouble on her tail wasn’t his plan, but he’s not about to argue when he’s tasked with keeping her safe. 
Discovering Brandy’s interests in the bedroom makes Crank realize they are perfect for each other. Knowing he can’t let her go, not when she’s his perfect other half, he’ll do whatever is necessary to ensure that they have a chance at their fated love.

I loved Fated Love by April Zyon.  This is the eighth story in the Massey, TX series, but it does not need to be read in chronological order.  This was the first story I read in the series and I was able to follow the story quite well.  In fact I found myself wanting to read the prior stories as soon as I finished.  So you can guess what will be next on my reading lists. ;)
But back to Brandy and Crank.  I adored both characters.  Brandy found herself in a situation and took matters to protect herself.  She went to the safety of home.  I loved that she saw nothing wrong with accepting that she was ill equipped to deal with her stalker.  I loved that Ms. Zyon did not equate her acceptance into a weak female character.  Brandy was strong in other ways and Ms. Zyon was quick to point that fact out, subtly.  Even as she steered Brandy into the arms of the man that was her perfect sexually match.  This leads us to Crank.  He was so comfortable within his skin and it showed.  He did not feel the need to prove who and what he was to anyone.  Brandy threw him for a loop but he quickly accepted that she could be what he needed even as he wasn’t looking.  I loved that Ms. Zyon made their relationship so easy.  The drama surrounded them but their journey to becoming a couple had very little drama but and lots of heat.
I loved meeting the residents of Massey, TX.  I enjoyed the sense of family and community Ms. Zyon showed us with this tale.  I loved the ease the flowed between Crank, Brandy and her family.  And, I am looking forward to getting to know each resident from the beginning.

                            Five Shooting Stars 

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