Friday, January 2, 2015

Everyday Stories by Sean Michael

Title: EveryDay Stories
Series:  Jarheads
Author:  Sean Michael
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Pages:  119
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
This collection brings together nine Sean Michael short stories that follow the everyday lives of everyone’s favorite Jarheads: Rock, Rig and Dick. Whether working in the garden, fooling around with paint, or just plain fooling around, nobody loves like these two Marines and their Nurse.
All stories previously published by Torquere Press:
Re-Sounding Love
Boys at Play
Hot and Pink
Just Perfect
Loving Away the Grumps
One Lucky Fucking Redneck
Possessor and Possessed
Rig and the Gym Bunnies
Working Late

I love the Jarhead series by Sean Michael so being able to get some of my favorite stories in one bundle Everyday Stories is a huge plus for me.  If you have them on their own this is just a nice way to have them all in one book.  There is great connection between these men. They have been together a while in some of the stories and watching them evolve and grow for me was a lot of fun. I liked that part seeing how the love works after the happily ever afters.  It is like visiting old friends to see how they are doing now.
I cannot say one story in particular is my favorite. I liked them all. They all bring something to the table.  I would say this book is for fans of the series. If you have never read a Jarhead story before you would be lost in some of these shorts. But for us fans this is the short stories that bring love, spice and hot man love to the Jarhead series.

                              Five Shooting Stars

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