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Cowboy Truth by Olivia Jaymes

Title: Cowboy Truth

Series Title:  Cowboy Justice Association, Book 3 

Author:  Olivia Jaymes

Publisher:    Olivia Jaymes

Genre:  Contemporary, Western, Erotic Romance, Suspense

Heat level: (M/F, Adult Language, Oral Sex)

Page Count:319 pages

Reviewer: Cassiopeia

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Publisher Blurb:

People will do desperate things to keep the truth dead and buried.

Sheriff Logan Wright might be the sexiest bad boy Ava Hayworth has ever seen but she
s not interested in the least. He can have every other woman in town and probably already has. All she wants is to help him solve the murder of a prominent local citizen by a mysterious vigilante serial killer. A fling with a smokin hot cowboy cop isnt in her plans.

Logan doesn
t need a mystery writer, who thinks shes a detective, trailing after him while he tries to do his job. Shes smart and cute, but he doesnt want her to get hurt. By him or the investigation. He enjoys the pleasures of women - many women - and thats not going to change.

But as painful secrets are revealed, Logan begins to depend on Ava for more than just friendship. She
s the first woman hes known who has kept her promises. It shakes him to his very core, challenging long held beliefs.

Everything Logan wants, but never thought he could have, is within his grasp. With the help of Ava and his friends, he
s going to have to fight the past if he wants any kind of a future.

s warning: This book contains sexy scenes including a Harley riding, bad boy sheriff who knows how to dent the wall with the headboard and make his woman very, very happy.

Series description:
The Cowboy Justice Association is a group of six lawmen in Montana who work together to keep the peace. If only they could find that peace in their own lives.

Review of book:

Cowboy Truth was my first date with one of author Olivia Jaymes works, but it certainly wont be the last.  Ive challenged myself to branch out and read new to me authors and Id say that 2015 is off to a stellar start.

As the third book in the Cowboy Justice Association series, I could have easily been confused by backstory references, however the author smartly inserted just enough information into the plot that I was never in danger of being lost.  It also enticed me enough to want to read the rest of the CJA books.  Crafty, Ms. James.  Very, very crafty (and I love it!). If the third book is any indication, Ill enjoy wading through Cowboy Command (book #1) and Justice Healed (book #2).

Ill come right out and admit it I love a bad boy thats ripe for a life changing romantic fall, and Logan Wright certainly fit the bill.  Not really a love em and leave em type, Sheriff Wright appeared to be a man who had no desire to form any sort of romantic entanglements, making it plain to his bed partners so thered be no misunderstanding.  You know that theres got to be more to the story (pardon the pun), and man did I have a good time peeling back the layers!  Here was this man, who was obviously in demand with the ladies, who, in spite of appearing like a bit of a man whore, had integrity in spades.  He loved the town whos safety he was entrusted with even if he didnt like or respect everyone in it. I thought of him as an old school kind of sheriff the type of men you saw in television shows in the 60s and 70s.  The ones who maybe had a crappy personal life, but would give it all (and then some) to keep their word and perform the duties entrusted to them.

Ava was my type of woman - smart, funny, persistent, and unapologetic about her intelligence.  That alone made her one sexy woman. She may have come across as innocent, but I think that was more a case of not having a ton of practical experience, rather than not being exposed to sex.  She also appeared a little passive aggressive when it came to her parents, and I loved her hard for that.  I think we all have those moments (some more than others) when we struggle with the identity that our parents have mentally and emotionally assigned to us, wanting to keep them happy but also have them see us as the adults weve grown up to be.  Ava came from a very religious background too being the daughter of a church deacon has it own sets of challenges and pressures to conform yet she quietly worked to modify her fathers conceptions of how she should behave. 

What I loved the best though, was watching Ava systematically wear down Logan, when it came to allowing her to help with the investigation.  The instant no became less and less emphatic over time, and I did a little fist pump when he reluctantly admitted that she not only had the skill set for the task at hand, but that he really needed someone to assist him with that aspect of the investigation.  His surrender was sweet.

What wasnt sweet, was how Ava and the sheriff got in on between the sheets.  Without being completely porn worthy, he teased, tormented and tortured her in the most delicious ways, ensuring that shed fall for him in spite of her better judgment.  He was equally surprised at the tigress hiding behind the demure exterior, making their dance even hotter than Id anticipated.

Cowboy Truth by Olivia Jaymes has so much to offer romance, hot and sweaty sex, suspense, and an emotional aspect that I think youll find very fulfilling.  Its one of the best books in this genre Ive read in a long time, and Ill be catching up on the previous installments of the Cowboy Justice Associationas well as checking out the rest of books released in the series.

                                              Four Twinkling Stars 

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