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Conquering Kameron by Shawn Bailey

Conquering KameronTitle: Conquering Kameron
Author: Shawn Bailey
Publisher: Amber Quill Press
Genre and Pairing: Contemporary and M/M
Word Count: 31,000
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb

Boston University graduate Kameron Santella lands a job with a prestigious publishing house, but instead of getting the job of his dreams, he ends up at the bottom of the corporate ladder, working his butt off in the mail room. One afternoon, he meets a handsome older man named Vern, whom Kameron thinks is a senior editor. Vern takes a liking to Kameron and invites him on a weekend trip to the museum and dinner. Before the outing ends, romance ensues, and Kameron finds himself falling for the silver-tongued devil. But on Monday morning, Kameron gets the shock of his life when he learns that Vern is actually Vernon Henderson, the no-nonsense CEO and publisher of Henderson’s Publishing Company whom everyone seems to fear.

Will Kameron be able to forgive Vern’s deception and build a relationship with the alluring man, especially when not only his career but his heart is on the line?

I have mixed feelings about Shawn Bailey’s story Conquering Kameron. I adored Kameron. He was perfect, maybe a bit too perfect. I mean you find out that the man you have been dating is keeping a secret, that he is your boss. You find out that your new boss has a habit of sleeping with his assistants. And you don’t blow up? You don’t hold him accountable? You do nothing but go on with life as if nothing untoward happened? Speaking of his new boss, Vernon. I found him to be a bit stiff and not in a good way. Ms. Bailey did not flesh out his character. You could see glimpses of the type of man he was when he interacted with his cousin but they were so brief I couldn’t decide if I liked who he was. I also didn’t buy the chemistry between Vernon and Kameron, or should I say lack thereof. Ms. Bailey just seemed to think sex for sex sake was enough and I felt that it was dropped into the story because it was expected and not because it was necessary between Kameron and Vernon.
Having said that, I loved the friendship that blossomed between Kameron and Michael. I enjoyed their comradery. I could believe the growing respect between them where I struggled with Vernon. I think this story had the beginnings of being something good. I just found that it missed the mark for me.

                                     Three Red Stars 

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