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Code Name Kayla's Fire by Natasza Waters

Title:Code Name: Kayla’s Fire
Series:A Warrior’s Challenge, 2
Author:Natasza Waters
Publisher:Secret Cravings Publishing
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/F
Word Count:128,838
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Kayla stands in the eye of a hurricane. Past and present are on a collision course, and her tactical experience won’t save her. She’s the target on a serial killer’s radar. The media brews a storm of confusion, pointing at the warriors stationed at Coronado. To catch the killer, she has to relinquish hope, and the Navy SEAL protecting her.

Navy SEAL Thane (Ghost) Austen is forced to choose between Kayla and his duty. If he deploys, she’ll die. If she returns to Canada, he’ll lose the woman who cracked his armor, and exposed his heart. Her abusive past is holding her hostage. There are two battles to be won: to light Kayla’s Fire and extinguish the Shark’s. Life broke them both in half, but together they’re whole, and he’ll walk through hell to keep her. The conclusion to Ghost and Snow White’s fight to survive in, “A Warriors Challenge” series.

Code Name: Kayla’s Fire by Natasza Winters the second installment of her A Warrior’s Challenge takes up where Code Name: Ghost ends.  You definitely need to have read the prior story before starting this one. 
At the end of this story, all I can say is I love Thane.  He was determined to help Kayla fight her demons and was willing to fight for his happily ever after.  Thane turned his considerable focus on Kayla.  His heart was engaged and his intensity was apparent throughout this tale.  I also was impressed with his SEAL team.  I loved the comradery between the men.  Ms. Waters gave them just the right amount of respect and irreverence.  The sense of community between the characters was prevalent throughout the book and increased my enjoyment tenfold. 
I did struggle with Kayla.  She was a smart, tough cookie.  But she refused to see the love her friends and Thane had for her.  I wanted to pop her upside the head several times and thought she was being willful for no particular reason.  I understood that she had a tough past but at some point I wanted her to just accept the helping hand and stop being so bloody selfish. 
But having said that, I loved Kayla and Thane together.  Ms. Waters gave us two characters that fit.  Kayla needed someone like Thane and easy just wouldn’t work for this ALPHA male.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more from this author.

                                  Five Shooting Stars 

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