Saturday, January 3, 2015

Born Country by Willow Brooke

 Title: Born Country
Series: Southern Bred, 1
Author Willow Brooke
Publisher: Jk Publishing
Genre: MF, Contemporary
Pages: 76
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. New Adult College Romance. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF
In book one of Southern Bred Series: My name is Jase Brannon, cowboy, redneck, and bona fide ladies’ man. I’ve been in love with my high school sweetheart since our freshman year. We had what one would call the perfect high school textbook romance with the follow-in-our-folks'-footsteps normal future to follow.
I’m a farm boy, born and raised. Shelly comes from the same roots I do but wanted to get her education in Agricultural advertising to help modernize our simple ways by attending the university after graduation. To me, it wasn’t a big deal. We live in an age of internet and enough modern technology there are ways to endure any long distance relationship. Perfect, right?
I’ve known Layla Jenson as far back as I can remember. She's the tomgirl out climbing trees and slinging mud pies without batting her pretty little eyelashes at the thought of getting a little dirty. From pigtails to cowboy boots, Layla has bloomed into a pure beauty with curves in all the right places.
Wanna know how I know? Well catastrophe at the hands of a ‘group effort’ hits, causing Layla to come into my sights. That is when my world changes…
I’m Layla Jenson, small town girl born and raised who can shoot the wings off a fly and bake the best pie in the county. I’ve also had my peepers on one certain sexy cowboy whose sweet southern drawl could charm the pants off a nun and I've loved him since he swapped his Tonka truck for a Dodge 4x4. One night I get the night of my dreams—or nightmares depending how you look at it—when I give him the most sacred of gifts, only to be chalked up to a drunk romp by the redneck Romeo himself, leaving me with knowledge that my notions were made out of a wild childhood fantasy.
This book contains backwoods bonfires, huntin’, fishin’, drinkin’, and getting down and dirty in the mud holes. If you can handle hot cowboys with a sexy southern drawl, then hop up on for a ride! Don’t tip the dip cup and come kick it in the sticks!

Born Country by Willow Brooke has the story of Layla and Jase.  Jase is a farm boy who thinks he has his life together. He is going to marry his high school sweetheart and live happily ever after. Layla thinks she will never have the man she loves, Jase. Layla is a tomboy who is not afraid of hard work.  When Jase learns the truth of his true love, Layla is there to pick up the pieces.  But is the attraction between her and Jase just a left over side effect of his break up? Or is it more?
Ms.Brooke does a great job of bringing two people that should be together closer and from friendship to love.  Layla is a strong character, I love that about her. She also has a softness  that draw Jase in, but do not tell her she is soft she might punch you for it.
Jase is sweet and very trusting. I liked that about him and I am glad that his experience with his ex does not change that about him. Little naïve but that is part of his charm too. He has a strength of character that made me fall in love with him too.
I like how Ms. Brooke brings chemistry and a great story line together to make Born Country an unforgettable story. I hope to read more in the Southern Bred series in the future, bring on the cowboys and the women they love. 

                                           Five Shooting Stars

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