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Blade's Desire by Leah Brooke

BladeTitle:Blade’s Desire
Series:Desire, Oklahoma, 2
Author:Leah Brooke
Publisher:Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/F (light bondage, spanking, oral and anal sex, toys)
Word Count:58,000
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Newcomer to Desire, Oklahoma, Kelly Jones wants to get over her past. Physically and mentally abused, she wants a new start. Falling in love with a self-proclaimed Dom, Kelly wonders if she isn't in over her head.
But she underestimates Blade Royal's patience.
Little by little she falls under his spell and soon her body burns with a need she knows only he can fulfill. Her body demands relief so she makes a bargain that has her putting her trust and her body in Blade's hands for the next six weeks.
Kelly fights to hide her love from him, not knowing he's already determined to make her his own. Blade knows she has hidden passions that are a perfect match for his own.
He only has to show them to her.

I love the men of Desire, Oklahoma and Blade is no exception.  He is a Dom and he wants Kelly.  He understands that Kelly has issues and may believe being a submissive is not something she can handle with her past.  But Blade is patient and slowly builds Kelly’s trust in him both as a man and a potential lover and Dom. 
I adored Kelly.  She is stronger than she believes.  I loved that she decided to take the bull by the horns and fight for the future she wishes for instead of remaining a victim.  In the second installment of Leah Brooke’s Desire,Oklahoma, series wecontinued where she left off in the first book in this series.  Although you will better understand some subtle issues having read the first you will easily catch on to Kelly’s issues and Blade’s Desires. 
Leah Brooke did a wonderful job of showing Kelly’s journey in trust.  She was deeply submissive and that lead to some of her troubles but with Blade she was able to come out her shell and become a woman confident within her own skin.  I loved that Ms. Brooke did not make the journey easy.  She made it real.  I loved that Blade wanted the best for Kelly and made a concerted effort to set her free while allowing her to grow in a protected way.  Ms. Brooke did not make him perfect and both he and Kelly made mistakes but they were easily handled with honesty and communication. 
I thoroughly enjoyed this story and look forward to returning to Desire, Oklahoma. 

                                   Five Shooting Stars 

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