Monday, January 5, 2015

A Craving for Two by Amy J. Hawthorn

A Craving for Two (MFM)Title: A Craving for Two
Series: Crave, 2
Author Amy J. Hawthorn
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Genre: Contemporary. Mfm, ménage
Pages: 229
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Paige Drummond has been offered the job of her dreams. Crave is set to open a boudoir photo studio and the owner wants her to do the design work. There’s only one problem. She’s given up the dream she’s worked so hard for because of a devastating blackmail attempt. Ashamed, she holds the dark secret close to her heart and refuses to tell even those closest to her.
Enter Nate Hughes and Sloan Davis, two sexy-as-sin contractors whose love for construction is only outweighed by the size of their hearts.
When too many convenient accidents haunt Paige, Nate and Sloan decide the safest place for her is in their arms. When the passion of ménage burns hot and sweet, can they both protect her against the unknown threat and convince her to stay forever?
Crave, equal parts naughty, class, and sass.

A Craving for Two by Amy J. Hawthorn is the second book in the Crave series.  Paige and her twin were raised by their grandparents. She needs a job but doesn’t want to beg anyone for it. She feels like a failure when we meet her.
Nate and Sloan are contractors they are put on a project at Crave with Paige. Both men fall hard for Paige. But Paige has a hard time letting the men in. She is running from something she doesn’t want them to know about.
I found this book to have heat, and a great storyline. The mystery surrounding Paige made me want to figure out why she was doing certain things.
Nate and Sloan are two very alpha men who can more than handle Paige and anything else.  They are tough but gentle. Caring and protective.  Perfect for Paige.
There are twists and turns to this story that you will not see coming, I hope that Peyton has her story next! The fiery twin needs her own story. Bring on more Crave.
                                     Five Shooting Stars

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