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3013:Salvation by Laurie Roma - Recommended Read

Title: 3013: Salvation
Series: 3013: The Series. 5
Author: Laurie Roma
Publisher: Smashwords
Genre: Ménage, Sci Fi Futuristic
Pages: 174
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Officer Skylar Aris is a woman with a troubled past. As a Class-A Conduit, she is beautiful and deadly, making her stand out among the rest of the elite soldiers. She has worked hard to succeed as one of the only female interrogators in the Security and Interrogation Division, but everything she has dreamed of is put in jeopardy when she’s given an ultimatum that will change her fate.

Strong and dominant, Director Dominic Stryker is a man who doesn’t let anything stand in his way. When he meets Skylar, he knows she’s the woman he wants to claim, but he never expected she’d also be destined to belong to his best friend, D’Aire Ambassador Arik V’Dir. Two Alpha males, Dom and Arik don’t want to share, but they realize that it’s the only way they can have Skylar...if they can get her to agree.

When a mission forces Skylar to deal with her past, Dom and Arik are determined to stand by her side. But discovering where she comes from changes everything. Will their love be enough to give her salvation, or will the truth shatter their bond and take her beyond their reach?

2013: Salvation by Laurie Roma is the fifth book in 3013: The Series.   I really like the way this series is going.  It just keeps getting better and better. Ms Roma blends humor with dominate men in this book.  Skylar is just as dominate as her men. Which I liked.  Ms Roma was able to bring me a strong female character who is both likeable and passionate.   Skylar is a scroll. Most Scrolls are not given the right to chose their mates, but Skylar is.   She is a tough interrogator, and will not bond for fear of losing her choices and freedom.
Dominic  is the head of Security and Interrogation division.  He keeps a tight rein on his own wants because he is scared of scaring Skylar off for good.  He even has his best friend Arik be his other bonded because he knows Skylar wants him too.  He makes a lot of sacrifices for Skylar, some she has yet to learn of.
Arik is a D’Aire.  Usually they take only one mate. The keeper of their heart, but he knows Skylar needs two so he is okay with Dominic.  After all they are best friends. 
When Skylar has been given the ultimatum to bond or lose her job she knows the fight is up.  She will have to choose mates, and she knows they will be Arik and Dominic.   She fights though till the bitter end.
I like Arik and his cool logic getting stripped away by his keeper.  Also loved the description of his wings. Made me want to be able to touch them too.
Dominic and Arik turn out to be perfect for Skylar, bonding with them will give her a freedom she has never known, if she will just give up fighting them every step of the way.
I love the 3013: The Series, and I am looking forward to many more books in this fantastical series.  I want to know much more about the D’Aire and other races.   I think anyone who loves a great sci fi romance should pick up this series really it doesn’t disappoint.   This series should be read in order to get all the ins and outs of everything. 

                             Five Shooting Stars and A star dust award 

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