Wednesday, January 21, 2015

3013:Renegade by Susan Hayes

Title: 3013: Renegade
Series:  3013:The Series, 2
Author: Susan Hayes
Publisher: Smashwords
Genre: Scifi futuristic, ménage
Pages: 112
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
In the aftermath of a war that almost destroyed Earth, the Alliance now rules, but not everyone chooses to live by their laws. Alayna is a rebel living by her own rules in the harsh badlands, outside the Alliance’s control. She is a thief, stealing from the wealthy to provide for those who cannot survive on their own, all while hiding the tattoo that marks her as one of the few remaining fertile women on Earth…making her a target.

Alliance Elites Nikolai Grekov and Colin Nielson are stationed at a neglected base on the edge of the badlands after years spent in space. Their orders are to track down an elusive thief that’s been plaguing the area’s outposts, but they also have their own agenda. Both men want to find and claim a fertile woman to call their own and fulfill their dreams of becoming a family.

When the men catch the sexy, headstrong, thief breaking into their home, they claim Alayna for their own. Nikolai and Colin may have claimed their chosen, but the battle for her heart has just begun. Can they find a way to win her trust or will their beautiful renegade’s need for freedom destroy their chance of happiness?

This is my first time reading author Susan Hayes work.  I really adore her writing style. She kept me interested from the get go and made me want more at the end.   Renegade is the second story in the 3013 series.   In this story we have a very clever girl named Alayna. She is fertile but she wants to make her own path in the world so she covers it up. I admired that she has such determination and daring.  I love a heroine with backbone and Alayna fits the bill perfectly.
Colin and Nikolai are both strong men.  They are military trained.  Very alpha. But they have compassion for their mate, the fact she is misinformed about what a mate is. They use love and kindness to win her over. Well of course lots of hot love too.
Alayna has to find her way in a new to her world. I am very glad her mates were there to help her along the way.
I really adore how Ms. Hayes made me smile as I read about Alayna, I was cheering for her all the way.  I cannot wait to read more in the 3013 series!  After reading this book I cannot wait to find out what happens next. 

                          Five Shooting Stars

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