Thursday, December 18, 2014

YA: Moon Lily by Natalie King

Title: Moon Lily 
Series of Secrets
Author: Natalie King
Publisher: LadyBee Publishing
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Romance Pairing: M/F Sensual only
Page Count: 175
Word Count: 85, 480
Reviewer: Vela

Publisher's Blurb: 

 What if you had a way to escape the mundane and be transported to another realm without anyone knowing you’d ever left? Where time and space collide and mysterious doorways appear out of nowhere? Lily Klein lives in Vero Beach, Florida, has just turned seventeen, and is getting ready to start her senior year. Most of her days are spent on her only hobby, the lost art of pottery. Her legal guardian, her older sister Jessie, is a flight attendant who’s gone most of the time and is more interested with having fun than being a big sister. Not to mention the downstairs tenants are nudists and she keeps dreaming she’s being watched. Lily is lured by a friend to a secret lab in the dense woods west of town to conduct an interview for a science project. What really catches Lily’s interest is Dylan, a devilishly handsome young scientist who is part of a top secret project, who also happens to be the watcher in her dreams. Lily soon discovers that Dylan harbours many secrets and her curiosity overrides her fears as she delves deeper and deeper into the young scientist’s life. When their love begins to blossom, she challenges him to divulge all of his secrets. Little does she know, her life is about to change forever.


This book, Moon Lily Series of Secrets by Natalie King, was a magical adventure with lively characters. The main character Lily Klein was creative, gregarious, and enjoyed what she had left of summer before school starting. That is...until she meets him. After dreaming about Dylan all she ever wanted was to meet him. When he encountered him and found out the handsome boy was a brilliant scientist the girl begins to enjoy her summer days wishing they'd never end.

I enjoyed the descriptive pieces in this book and its rich details pertaining to the characters and settings. I also enjoyed how simple and original the idea of magic was introduced gradually to the reader with a twist of science involved. The plot itself was different, Lily Klein meeting a handsome young scientist who had many secrets indeed, secrets she wanted to explore. Romance is in the air between the young teenagers while secrets are unveiled in time when reading this book. When she’s invited over to his laboratory where all the experiments have been performed little does she know more secrets will follow. I recommend this book to anyone who're interested in a mixture of science and magic. The story gradually builds from the beginning and in time, crescendos to an ending that answers any questions you had about the plot. As the young teenager’s relationships strengthen, so does the story enticing the reader to read on. Remember curiosity may have killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.

                                               Four Twinkling Stars 

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