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Tiger's Choice by Olivia Black

TigerTitle:Tiger’s Choice
Series:Silver Bullet, 3
Author:Olivia Black
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/M (oral and anal sex, light bondage)
Word Count:20,722
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Sam McMillian is a tiger shifter living with a wolf pack. He was kicked out of his own family streak, not only for being gay, but for being a submissive bottom. He’s supposed to be a strong, fierce predator. Hiding who he really is from the wolf pack that welcomes him, Sam starts his life over. Not being able to deny what he really wants, Sam sneaks out once a month and meets with Charles Montgomery. The man is not only his Master, but is also Sam’s mate. 
Charles is an ancient vampire. He meets his True Match, a vampire’s perfect blood match, at the Silver Bullet. He hides the truth from his friends because Sam asks him to. After a year of meeting once a month in secret, Charles decides that things need to change. To get Sam’s attention, Charles gives him an ultimatum, pushing the other man over the edge and provoking his tiger to rise.

I really liked Charles in Olivia Black’s Tiger’s Choice.  I thought he was getting a raw deal with Sam.  I mean he allowed himself to be hidden like a dirty little secret by his True Mate.  I could totally feel and understand his pain.  I loved that he took a stand and was willing to accept that he was worth more from his mate, especially as his mate was unwilling to tell him why.  I loved how Ms. Black handled Charles’ angst and determination. 
In spite of how Sam treated Charles, Ms. Blackstill managed to make Sam likeable.  We were already predisposed to like him from previous appearances in the Silver Bullet series.  I wanted to smack Sam upside the head for the way he was treating Charles, but Ms. Black did a great job of laying out the why.  We could see that his new pack wouldn’t care about his sexual desire and needs but it was also easy to understand why Sam was so afraid. 
I thought this story was well written and enjoyable.  The characters were fully developed and their journeys felt real and believable.  I continue to enjoy this series and look forward to seeing more patrons of the Silver Bullet get their happily every after.

                                     Four Twinkling Stars

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