Saturday, December 20, 2014

Need For Sale by Sean Michael

Title: Need For Sale
Series:  A Hammer Holiday Story
Author: Sean Michael
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: MM, BDSM Contemporary
Pages :  39
Reviewer : Redz

 Publisher’s Blurb
It's been two years since Neil's Master Chris passed away unexpectedly and he's ready for someone to touch him again. More than ready. The problem is that everyone is respectfully keeping their distance. Participating in the annual charity Hammer Auction seems like the perfect opportunity to announce his readiness, and to get some of the touches he craves so badly at the same time.
To Neil's surprise, his best friend and neighbor, Master Dalton makes the winning bid, leaving Neil to wonder if he must continue exist alone and untouched. Master Dalton has a secret, though, one that might change Neil's life forever.

Need for Sale by author Sean Michael is a sweet story of Neil finding love where he least expected to find it.  Neil has been through a lot. He finally feels like he can get past the death of his former master and move on with his life.  He puts himself up for auction at Hammer.  The person who buys him is his best friend Dalton.  At first Neil thinks it is a pity buy. But it turns out Dalton has always wanted Neil. Now he knows Neil is ready to move on he is going to make sure that no one else takes the sub that is his.   Watching two friends become lovers is a beautiful thing.  Kink thrown in just makes it hotter. When you want a nice holiday romance that is bittersweet and will make you smile this is the book I recommend.
You do not have to read the others in the Hammer series to understand this book. I highly recommend them all though they each have different layers to show you and great emotional ties that make me come back for more. 

                                Five Shooting Stars!

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