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Jack's Claus by Jess Buffett

Title:Jack’s Claus
Series:The Keepers, 4
Author:Jess Buffett
Publisher:JK Publishing Inc.
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/M
Page Count:65 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Jack Frost has spent his entire existence questioning where he fit in. A Keeper with no holiday or reason for being, a darkness inside of him that he can’t begin to understand, causing Jack to be unsurprised when the other Keepers appear to have all but given up on him.

Nick is used to bringing joy to others, he is Santa Claus after all, but where his mate is concerned, he just can’t seem to get it right. When Jack becomes the sole target for their enemy, Nick will stop at nothing to keep his mate safe and prove once and for all they are meant to be.

With the story coming to an end, join the Keepers as they discover not only who they truly are, but what they are capable of...and just perhaps, what the future holds.

I loved Jack’s Claus by Jess Buffett.  It is officially my favorite story in The Keepers series.  Jack has been maligned by those he thought were friends.  Someone was powerful enough to make him do things against his nature.  And his mate not only failed to support him but failed to find out why.  But did Jack allow that to destroy him?  Hell no!  I loved that Jack struggle to believe he was a valuable and necessary member of the Keepers but refused to give up hope.  He was beaten until he was bloody both physically and mentally but he refused to allow the darkness win.  Nick knew that he had failed his mate.  I adored that he was determined to not only rectify his mistake but show Jack that he was forever in his corner. 
I again chuckled as Ms. Buffett turned the stereotypical vision of Santa Claus and Jack Frost on its head.  She gave us sexy, alpha Nick, also known as Santa, and young studly Jack.  However she then took it a step further and made the two mates.  And while we knew they would have their happily ever after Ms. Buffett threw twists and turns that were unexpected. 
Ms. Buffett out did herself with this story.  It was well written and full of emotional depth.  She gave us two strong male characters that had to fight for their future.  As well as friends who learned a hard lesson but were still able to laugh.  Suffice it to say I thoroughly enjoyed the journey Ms. Buffett took us on.

                       Five Shooting Stars! 

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