Friday, December 19, 2014

Healing Their Mate by Bryce Evans

Title:Healing Their Mate
Series:Love of a Shifter, 2
Author:Bryce Evans
Publisher:Bryce Evans Books
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/F, M/F/M (oral and anal sex)
Page Count:285 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
River Channing is on the run from Vampire Paddock Reed. Finding out that Vampires exist makes River doubt everything she knows in life. In order to stay one step ahead of the vampires, River must travel from one job to another to survive. Driving from state to state, River finds her way to Freedom, Colorado and gets a job at the Meadowland Lodge where she befriends the owners mate Ash Wilder. Being the Detective she is, Ash digs into River’s past and finds out that she is on the run from someone. Finding a newspaper clipping in River’s pocketbook, Ash learns that women have been murdered and drained of all their blood. Ash calls in some help from her Uncle, Vampire Reece Ramsey, and Alpha of the new shifter Unit Jonas Glenn.

One sniff of her scent and the Alpha’s know that River is their mate. When River finds out that the Lodge is owned and operated by the Wilder Pack, she wants to run again. Together they learn that River isn’t just human, but a Healer with magic that can cure the sick and heal the injured. But can her Mates and new friends keep River safe from the vampires who want her blood or will she have to run to save them all.

I enjoyed Healing Their Mate by Bryce Evans.  While this is second in the Love of a Shifter series, this story can be read as a stand alone. 
I loved Jonas from the first.  He was an Alpha with a wicked sense of humor.  I loved his ability to put others at ease even as he picked on his best friend.  When he learned that he would have to share a mate, he was able to roll with the punches.  He wasn’t expecting it and while he was aware of Reece they were not old friends so they had to learn about each other while at the same time working together to ease their skittish mate’s fears.  And speaking of their mate, I loved that River didn’t make it easy for them.  She was afraid of paranormals, with good reason, but she fought hard to move beyond her fears.  I loved that Ms. Evansgave us such a strong female character.  River found the strength to make a stand even as she was worried about her new friends.  I thought Ms. Evans articulated her concerns well even as she allowed River to enjoy the courtship given her by Reece and Jonas.  I found myself appreciating the joy that River found in simple things like a sleigh ride or ice skating.  Material things meant little to her and I loved that about her.  Ms. Evans gave us a story that focused on love and acceptance.  It was well written and the characters were likeable and funny.  Ms. Evans is a relatively new author to me and I am looking forward to reading more from her.

                                 Four Twinkling Stars 

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