Monday, December 29, 2014

Come Hell or High Water by Shannon West and Remy Devereaux

Title: Come Hell or High Water
Author:  Shannon West and Remy Devereaux
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Genre: MM,
Pages:  39
Reviewer:  Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Football jock Brandon fell in love with fellow student Will when they met freshman year in college.   Now seniors, they’re still madly in love and Brandon is still deeply in the closet.  At the college Christmas dance, Will forces Brandon  to make a decision.  When he panics and makes the wrong choice, he loses the best thing that ever happened to him.  He has only one more chance at love on Christmas Eve. Does he come out to his friends and lose their friendship and respect or does he admit who he really is and realize his sweetest dream? If he makes the wrong choice again, he’ll lose the best Christmas present he could ever hope to have.

Come Hell or High Water by Shannon West and Remy Deveraux has the story of Brandon a student wanting to get to his degree he is the star of the football team for his college.  But he has a secret desire a fellow student in his English class. Someone so different from himself but always draws his eye and desire.  He can’t tell anyone what would they think if they knew of the crush he had on another boy?  He always denied that part of himself.
Will is openly gay and wants Brandon can Brandon come out of the closet long enough to have a chance with someone who really wants him just for him?
I liked this story a lot. Brandon has some self discovery to do and he manages to find the right guy to do it with.  I like how real all the characters are and how it really all boils down to accepting yourself just the way you are.  I know I love stories like this it touches my heart because shouldn’t we all be accepted just the way we are no matter what? 
When you want a sweet love story this is the one to pick up. I know it will be on my keeper shelf for a long time to come. 
                                        Five Shooting Stars

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