Friday, December 19, 2014

Claiming Her Mate by Jess Buffett

Title:Claiming Her Mate
Series:New Hope Valley, 1
Author:Jess Buffett
Publisher:JK Publishing, Inc.
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/F
Word Count:65 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
In book one of New Hope Valley: For more than seven years, Summer Ashcroft has had to watch the man she knows is her mate, go about his life, ambivalent and distant toward her. As one of only a few tiger shifters left, the pressure on her to mate threatens to suffocate her, leaving her to wonder if is she strong enough to risk it all to be with him.
Evan MacKenzie has known Summer all of his life, and has forcefully maintained his distance from the gorgeous woman. Staying away seems to be his only recourse since he is unwilling to risk losing the one person that still makes him feel as if he has a heart. When it's realized he is the key to things left out of their control, he finds himself at a crossroads.
Mistakes are made by both, but when the truth is discovered, the pair is thrust together in unimaginable circumstances. They must work as one to search out answers for Evan, and secure a future for Summer's species, but are they strong enough? Or will forces set into motion thousands of years before, keep them apart?

I enjoyed Claiming Her Mate by Jess Buffett. This story was the first in her new series New Hope Valley and I must say I am looking forward to what happens next. 
I like Evan in this series.  He was aware that shifters existed.  He even worked with shifters.  But even though he is attracted to Summer he finds interesting ways to convince himself that she is not the one for him.  I could understand and empathize with his fears, but I was stoked that when push came to shove, Evan moved past his fears to protect the woman who ultimately held his heart. 
I also thought that Ms. Buffett gave us a strong female character in Summer.  She wanted to be loved and accepted for who she was not because it was fated.  I wasn’t so impressed with how she decided to make a statement but I found the why to be believable.  Ms. Buffett did a wonderful job of laying out both Evan and Summer’s fears.  She was concise even as she allowed both characters to move toward acceptance.  I thought this was a well written story and I am looking forward to finding out more about the prophecy and how it affects the citizens of New Hope Valley.

                                  Four Twinkling Stars 

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