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A Perfect Dom by Jade Belfry

A Perfect Dom (MF)Title:A Perfect Dom
Series:Club Perfect, 1
Author:Jade Belfry
Publisher:Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/F (oral sex, light bondage, toys)
Word Count:93,476
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Vincent Dupuis has a problem. He’s just been dumped for not being dominant enough in the bedroom. After a late night drunken confession to his friend James, Vincent learns that James is a Dom and may just have the perfect solution to his problem. First he hooks Vincent up with membership to a BDSM club, and then he introduces him to Mia Stoyanovsky, the club’s resident Dom trainer!
Mia has problems of her own. She’s still recovering from a traumatic experience with her ex. It made her question if she even has a future in the BDSM world. By agreeing to train Vincent, she hopes that he can help her remember why she was drawn to being a submissive in the first place.
Suddenly Vincent’s ex is missing and Mia’s ex starts creeping around. They are forced to trade lessons for protection, and both find that they have much bigger problems to face.

I enjoyed A Perfect Dom by Jade Belfry.  I thought she gave us an interesting take on the dominant/submissive dynamic.  I mean she put it out there that the submissive is training the dominant, usually that is a subtle point in the genre.  In fact most books in this genre have a submissive bending to a dominants needs.  I found her take refreshing and well thought out.  Ms. Belfry didn’t make this story one-dimensional either.  In Mia she gave us a strong female character with a submissive bent.  She was fighting to get back what she lost when her previous Master took too much and gave too little.  I loved that for all that she was submissive, she was the stronger character in her budding relationship with Vincent.  She understood the dynamics of being both submissive and dominant and her power was obvious as Vincent learned his way.  I thought it was great that Ms. Belfry didn’t allow that power to go to her head.  She kept a light hand as she wove Vincent and Mia’s love story.  I found myself enjoying the process even as I fell in love with the characters.  At first I wasn’t quite sure if Vincent was an actual “dominant” but Ms. Belfry layered his needs and desires in such a way that we learned about his character and sexual needs right along with him.  I thought she handled it skillfully.  I am looking forward to seeing more members of Club Perfect find their happily ever after.
                                    Four Twinkling Stars

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