Saturday, November 1, 2014

Winners come on down!!!

 Okay here we go with the list of winners!! Please include your email below so the authors can contact you.

Sam Cheever's Contest winner ---   Leanna Craig

Jess Buffett's Winner ---  Laurel Looney

Cree Storm's Winner---  Denise Schmidt

Wendi Zwaduk's Winner--- Jess Buffett

P.G. Forte's Winner is --- Leanna Craig

Elle Boon's Winner---  Debby 236

Kalista Kyle's Winner--   Jen CW

Diana DeRicci's Winner---  Carollina Greene

Eden Winter's Winner ---  Deby

Evelise Archer's Winner--- Jen CW

Kali Argent's Winner---  Vanessa N  -

Ashlyn Chase's Winner---   Michelle Willms

Cardeno C Winner--  Jess Buffett

Joey W. Hill Winner---   Rene

T. Strange Winner--- Deby

Thank you all for playing.  If you do not leave your email below we cannot give you your prize. So be sure to do that.   All winners have one week to leave an email below.


huge hugs



Denise Schmidt said...

My e-mail is

thank you!! :)

Leanna Craig said...

Mine is leannacr AT gmail DOT com

Jess Buffett said...

Woohoo! Cnograts to the other winners as well as my own, Laurel Looney!

Jen CW said...

Wow! Congrats to the other winners! My email is

Debby said...

My email is


Sam Cheever said...

Congratulations, Everybody! Whoot! I hope your Halloween was filled with fun and chocolate!!!

Laurel Looney said...

Thank you. My email is

Laurel Looney said...

Thank you. My email is

Denise Schmidt said...

was just wondering if the prizes were sent out yet..?