Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankful post by Tara Rose


Thanksgiving is upon us again here in the USA, and it’s time to chronicle what we’re thankful for. I’ve always wondered why we only do this once a year, when we have so much to give thanks for every single day of our lives.

Starting with the obvious, I’m thankful for eyes that see sunrises, sunsets, and everything in between. I’m thankful for ears that hear birds, train whistles, and the soft patter of rain. I’m thankful for a tongue that tastes salt, sugar, and tequila. I’m grateful for limbs that move, and for fingers that type. I’ve very grateful for a mind that never runs out of story ideas, and for a body that still has enough energy to keep up with a full time job, and a full time writing career.

As for the people in my real and cyber life, the list is endless, beginning with my husband and daughter. Without them, I have nothing. They are my rocks. And I’m so grateful for my real life and cyber friends, including and especially my readers. I have no writing career without them, and I hope they know how much I appreciate their support and encouragement.

But my grateful list extends beyond the obvious. It extends to every single thing in my life, each and every day. From the fact that my car started each morning and I got to the EDJ without getting into an accident, all the way to the new billboard on the drive home that made me laugh.

I’m thankful for the person who opened the door for me at the grocery store, and the display of flowers I passed on the way home from running errands. I love the chuckles each day on Facebook when someone posts a funny meme, or the quick text from a friend at just the right time I needed it.

When you start thanking the universe for everything in your life, blessings come back to you in the most unexpected ways. Or maybe it’s simply that you begin to view the mundane moments in your life as blessings? Either way, they’re gifts. Each breath we take is a treasure. Every color, every taste, every touch is a gift.

Because Tina was also kind enough to let me promo a book in this post, I’d like to draw your attention to Night Moves – The Doms of Sybaris Cove 6. It was just released from Siren, and here is the buy link:

I hope you’ll check it out. Even if you haven’t read the preceding books in this series, each one is a stand-alone, and this one is especially important in this series because it brings together all the clues about the curse that hangs over the head of the heroes and their two families. Talk about gratitude. This book is perfect for Thanksgiving.

Have a blessed day, and a big THANK YOU to Tina for hosting me today.

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, role play, sex toys, HEA]
Nita Trudeaux had her heart broken by Keith Durante and Billy Raleigh years ago, and since then, she’d written off the self-proclaimed princes of Sybaris Cove. Until she agrees to have lunch with Brett Durante and Mark Raleigh, that is. Nita has just helped them make major inroads into discovering the origin of the curse on all male Durante and Raleigh descendants, and the men are smitten.
The voodoo priestess in training fascinates Brett and Mark, and it doesn’t take long before they fall for her. When Nita discovers the names of several demons who may have cast the curse on their great-grandfathers, the men will stop at nothing to have her for their own.
But can she overcome her past hurt and learn to trust a Durante and Raleigh man again? And even if she does, what will this discovery mean for everyone on the island?

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