Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tempting the Tiger by Lacey Thorn

Title:Tempting the Tiger
Series:Awakening Pride, 2
Author:Lacey Thorn
Publisher:Resplendence Publishing
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/F (oral and anal sex)
Page Count:213 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Legend awakened…

Reno has known there was more to him since he awoke in the hospital, alive when he should have died. Only one thought consumed him. Find Tah. Watch over him. Protect him. Then everything changed.

A tempted tiger…

A mission gone wrong brings him face to face with a woman who tempts his tiger from hiding. He wants her with a fierce hunger that consumes him and shocks him with the possessive nature she awakens.


Amia belongs nowhere. Not with the Blane family of hunters she was born into, and not with the dominant man who kidnaps her and turns her world upside down. She runs. She fights. And when the time comes, she pays the price. Running isn’t an option, and there’s no fighting a man who turns her inside out with unquenchable lust. Maybe, just maybe, she’s found where she belongs.

I really enjoyed Reno in the second installment of Lacey Thorn’s Awakening Pride series.  I loved his interaction and loyalty to his friends and was excited to learn that he would be next to have his story told.  It was obvious that there was something different about Reno but I loved that the focus was less on his “other” characteristics and more on the character of the man.  And his strength and ideals were further showcased when he met Amia.  He knew Amia was his in spite of her family. She totally fit him.  She had a bedrock of honesty and a strong ethic.  She fought to preserve life even if that life was different.  I loved that regardless of the consequences she did what was right. 
Both Reno and Amia were fully developed characters.  They both had an inner strength and determination to fight the good fight.  I loved that Reno fought for Amia and Amia fought equally as hard for Reno.  Ms. Thorn balanced these characters remarkably well all while allowing the chemistry they had to grow naturally.  In Tempting the Tiger, Ms. Thorn gave us a well written and enjoyable story.  I am looking forward to seeing what happens next in this series.

                        Four Twinkling Stars!!

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