Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sharon Callender Thankful Post

Sharon Callender

What are you thankful for?

To be honest I can’t limit it to one thing. There are so many—life, love, family, friends, health. But, right now I’m very thankful for the gift of letting things go. Maybe that’s why I love the song Let It Gofrom the Disney movie Frozen (Cheesy. Yes, I know). We all have a tendency to hold on to things or people even when we shouldn’t.I’m just beginning to discover the freedom of releasing the things that drainthe positive energy from my life. It frees up valuable space, making room for the good stuff-- more love, more peace, and the something better that is destined to come along. It’s not an easy thing to do, but each day I get a little better at it.

In my new romantic suspense novel, No One to Trust, Jenna Havilland struggles with letting go of a past relationship, closing her heart to an opportunity to love again. But fate forces her to open her eyes and her heart.

May we all be open to the gift of new beginnings when we let the old, exhausting stuff go!

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful Holiday Season!

No One to Trust/Book blurb:

Thirty-two year old Jenna Havilland doesn’t have time for romantic relationships. Driven and career focused, she is the personal assistant to eccentric contemporary artist, Pedro Rodriguez. When Jenna inadvertently becomes the target of a dangerous international art crime ring, she reluctantly captures the romantic interest of notorious playboy and fine art management firm executive, Alex Quinlan. They are both forced into the crosshairs of this deadly storm, and Alex is determined to protect her.

Still dealing with emotional baggage from her break up three years ago, Jenna is skittish when it comes to love. She can’t deny the off the charts chemistry between her and Alex, but she questions whether she can trust the gorgeous, heartbreaking playboy with her heart and her life as they dodge danger and try to stay alive. Can they find love knowing there is no one to trust?

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