Monday, November 24, 2014

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Things I’m Thankful For
1.       For my teachers over the years, who instilled in me a deep love and appreciation for reading.
2.       For my sweetest friend, who notices when my spark begins to go out and rekindles it with her own.
3.       For my husband, who never notices, but is my rock anyway.
4.       For my babies once removed (AKA grandchildren) who make me laugh every day.
5.       For having the best parents anyone ever had, ever, ever, ever in the history of the world. Ever.
6.       For all the men and women who sacrificed their precious lives in so many wars.
7.       For everyone I meet who is randomly kind. It’s like unwrapping a sweet little gift to encounter you.
8.       For my best friend, for our endless talks about nothing much at all.
9.       For the character of Darryl Dixon, on The Walking Dead--flawed, complex and totally badass. Up against insurmountable odds, ultimately totally screwed, he just keeps on going.  He inspires whatever amount of badassery my characters possess. 
10.   For my lovely readers who buy my books and write to tell me you enjoyed them.  See number 7 again please.
And oh yes, my newest release, Revelations, A Medium and an Extra Large by me and Selena Cooper! Coming on December 4th from Dark Hollows Press and all third party retailers. I’ll end this list with a quote from one of my favorite authors, Erma Bombeck.  “What we're really talking about is a wonderful day set aside on the fourth Thursday of November when no one diets. I mean, why else would they call it Thanksgiving?”

For the past few months, J.T. Whitlock has been happy with his dusty chalkboards and bored college students, because it means he hasn’t been bothered by any ghosts desperate to pass on messages to him. An English professor and a reluctant medium, J.T. is hoping for some uninterrupted time to further his relationship with “Brick” Brickman, a fedora-wearing, deeply closeted detective with the Atlanta Major Crimes Division. But who is the spirit person who begins appearing to J.T. in the park? And what does he want from J.T.?
Meanwhile, another young man, the nephew of Brick’s partner, has gone missing, and as a favor to the young man’s family, J.T. agrees to do a little sniffing around. His investigations bring him face to face with his ghost from the park and some embarrassing revelations about the nephew’s activities.  Brick has to defend his lover when other detectives question his involvement in yet another case, and they both have to figure out a way to protect themselves as more deep secrets are revealed and J.T. becomes a target in a killer’s cruel games.

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