Monday, November 24, 2014

On the Growl By Various authors

Title: On the Growl Shifter Romance Anthology
Author: Celia Kyle, Lynn Red, Jessica Sims, Flora Dare, Marina Maddix
Publisher:Rising Books
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/F, M/F/M
Page Count:287 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna

Publisher Blurb
From our pack to yours, enjoy these incredible novellas, and keep howling for the moon!

Waking Up Were by Celia Kyle
What’s a gal to do when a dog bite isn’t a dog bite and her boss makes her want to howl at the moon? Keep him.

Bear Your Teeth by Lynn Red
A slightly clutzy rabbit-shifter and a big, bad bear of a dentist will take you along on a steamy, hilarious ride you’ll never forget!

Tiger by the Tail by Jessica Sims
Were-tiger Adrian Merino is determined to see the newest shifter on the block, Mandy, become his mate. But it's got to be her idea first...

Bears Repeating by Flora Dare
It takes double the werebears to handle one cranky wolverine in this menage romance.

To Screech His Own by Marina Maddix
It may be against the rules, but when a hot eagle shifter lands at an exclusive resort, one employee really wants to ruffle his feathers. What’s a curvy kitty to do?

This was a kicking anthology!  Prior to reading these authors I only had experience with Celia Kyle.  And while I must admit her story was my favorite in the bunch, I enjoyed the stories offered by the new to me authors.  I will be looking to read more from each of them.  Each story was well written and stood alone on its merits.  They were short, true but I didn’t feel cheated by their lengths.  I thought each other author did a great job of sticking with the theme and showcased their talents well.  I was able to enjoy each story as they were stand-alone stories and not part of ongoing series.  In fact I believe these could have been wonderful beginnings to several series.  If you are looking for enjoyable, quick reads full of lovely alpha shifters, than you can’t go wrong with On the Growl with stories by Celia Kyle, Lynn Red, Jessica Sims, Flora Dare, Marina Maddix.
                    Five Shooting Stars!!

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