Monday, November 24, 2014

Kalista Kyle is thankful for....

What am I thankful for? Well I am thankful for everything right now. I am thankful I have a wonderful family that supports me and loves me.  I am thankful for my various animals. My dog Eli who cuddles with me as I write.  Faithful kitty who makes sure I smile every day, and little mischievous Phineas who makes sure I exercise by running off with something I need from my desk.

I am thankful I can write the books I love, and have met the most amazing people along the way.  I can say I have the best friends ever both on and off line.

About ten years ago I had a very close call with cancer. I can officially say I have been free of it for nine years now. That was my aha moment. When I started taking chances, writing the stories I want, submitting crochet designs for magazines. I learned to let go of a lot of my fears. So I am very thankful for all that has come from that experience.

For every dark moment a bright light has come through to lift me up. I wish everyone love and happiness always.

Heath Mathis has always loved Ezra Ryder. Ezra is the beta second in charge of the West Wind Pack. Heath never thought he had a chance with the man who grew up as his big brother’s best friend. When a string of murders happen in West Wind, the evidence trail leads Heath to the tiny town of Silver Lake. Ezra refuses to let Heath go into danger alone. But Heath is afraid his feelings for Ezra will confuse him, and he will not be able to do his job. Ezra won’t take no for an answer. Can Heath find the serial killer or killers while keeping his heart intact?

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