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Call Me Master by Stormy Glenn

Call Me Master (MM)
Title:Call Me Master
Series:Sir Series, 3
Author:Stormy Glenn
Publisher:Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/M (oral and anal, light bondage, toys)
Word Count:35,414
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Rafeal Connell is a very serious Dom, and he wanted Denny the moment he spotted the sexy little man dancing at Dante’s Dungeon. Rafe is used to getting what and who he wants. When Danny refuses, it sends Rafe into a whirlwind of arousal and confusion, especially since he knows the little submissive is interested.
Denny has desired Rafe since the moment he spotted the handsome Dom. He’s trained, planned, and did everything he could to get the man interested. And according to Rafe’s friends, that means playing hard to get, not an easy task when all Denny can think about is claiming his Dom.
But there’s someone else that has been watching Denny and he’s determined to have the submissive at any costs.

I thoroughly enjoyed Denny in Stormy Glenn’s Call Me Master the third in Sir Series.  He saw Rafe and Denny knew that Rafe was his future.  He then took action to make sure that he could be the best submissive he could be for the dom he wanted.  His determination was admirable and I loved that he didn’t wait, he went full throttle after the man he wanted.  I loved that his family did what they could to make sure Denny was the best fit for Rafe and Rafe was the best fit for him.  I loved that it wasn’t one-sided and we again got to see how small and supportive this community was.  I also enjoyed Rafe.  He was a tortured soul but he was willing to learn.  He had good friends and while he was a bit hard-headed (I mean what man isn’t?) he was willing to learn and bend.  I loved how Rafe and Denny were together.  At first blush it appeared that Denny was bending more than Rafe but it soon became obvious that their needs meshed very well.  Ms. Glenn did not make their journey easy.  She developed both characters with flaws but also a willingness to change.  Both Denny and Rafe grew so that they could have a future together.  This story was enjoyable and well written.

                                     Four Twinkling Stars!! 

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