Monday, November 3, 2014

An Indoctrinated Man by Lavinia Lewis

Title:An Indoctrinated Man
Series:Desert Sanctuary, 2
Author: Lavinia Lewis
Publisher:Totally Bound
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/M
Page Count:111 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
How can wolf shifter Erik Masters form a relationship with his mate, Clark Perry, when Clark’s trust issues are even more deeply rooted than Erik’s?

Wolf shifter Erik Masters has had a lot of sleepless nights since he visited the illegal compound in New Mexico that houses scores of newly made wolves. The atrocities he witnessed on site have been weighing heavily on his mind. When he learns that another convoy of these shifters will shortly be arriving at the sanctuary, his anger and sense of hopelessness increases. Worse still is the news of a recent discovery? Some of the shifters have come from a different compound, but its location is as yet unknown.

When special ops leader Jace Bryson commands Erik to befriend one of the new shifters so that they may discover the new compound’s whereabouts, Erik’s reaction is one of disbelief. Horrific events in his past have left him feeling bitter and jaded. He doesn’t trust strangers and is far more at ease in his own company. When he discovers that Clark, the shifter he’s been assigned to, is his mate, Erik’s problems have only just begun. Clark Perry is far from an average shifter, made or otherwise. It appears his trust issues are more deeply rooted than Erik’s and Clark might just have an agenda of his own.

In Lavinia Lewis’s second installment of the Desert Sanctuaryseries we meet Eric and Clark.  This story can be read as a stand alone.  Eric has seen evil and is struggling to put what he has seen behind him.  His tendency to be a loner doesn’t give him much of a support system to process what he has seen.  So I could totally understand his attitude when ask to befriend Clark.  Clark is just as anti-social but for totally different reasons.  He is a company man and determined to do the job he has been sent to do.  Little does he know that he is An Indoctrinated Man.  But when he learns that he has been fed a line of bull, he must decide who to trust and believe.  I loved that Ms. Lewis didn’t make the decision an easy one.  She gave us two characters with rock solid honor which required reflection before change was made.  It didn’t help that they were reluctant mates.  But Ms. Lewis did a wonderful job of allowing us to understand and empathize with both Clark and Eric.  They may have started on opposite sides but she gave both men a way to meet which allowed them both to remain the honorable males they are.  I am a fan of Ms. Lewis and am looking forward to seeing what will happen next at the Desert Sanctuary.

                       Four Twinkling Stars!! 

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