Monday, November 3, 2014

An Archangel's Promise by Jess Buffett

Title:An Archangel’s Promise
Series:Sons of the Seven, 1
Author:Jess Buffett
Publisher:Beachwalk Press
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/F
Page Count:105 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Will the enemy be powerful enough to break an archangel's promise?
For the last ten years, Gabriella Richards has struggled with the pain of losing the only man she's ever loved. From out of nowhere he returns to throw her life into chaos, and it isn't without consequences.
Hunter Bailey had always known he was different, but nothing could have prepared him for the truth. As the son of an archangel, he has been on the run for years from those who seek to wipe out his kind—the Nephilim. With a destiny unknown even to himself, nothing will stop him from returning to claim the woman he loves and the happily-ever-after he was promised.
Gabriella finally has the love of her life back, but at what cost? And will the enemy be able to break an archangel's promise?

I love this world Jess Buffet is building with An Archangel’s Promise.  I love that it is something that is normal with elements of paranormal.  The people and locations could be what I see everyday only hidden from human eyes.  I thought Gabriella was a strong female character.  She had a love that she found early in life and saw no reason to search for a replacement.  Her gut told her a truth and she trusted her gut even though friends and family both thought she should move on.  I respected her and wanted her to have a good result.  I also appreciated that Ms. Buffett did not make her loyalty into weakness.  Gabriella did not allow Hunter to return to her life and step in like nothing had changed.  She made Gabriella strong enough to demand more.  And I appreciated that Hunter came to understand that Gabriella was worth the extra work in the present outside of what he had done in order to return to her.  Ms. Buffett gave us a strong male character that grew to respect the child he left for the woman she became. 
I like both Hunter and Gabriella.  I thought both characters were well developed.  Ms. Buffettalso gave us secondary characters which added not only to our understanding of Hunter and Gabriella but also peaked my interest in their happily ever after.  I am looking forward to seeing what Ms. Buffetthas in store for us next!

                      Five Shooting Stars!! 

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